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Tips To Convert Maximum Mobile visitors to Your Email List


Tips To Convert Maximum Mobile visitors to Your Email List : The actual difficulty and how to deal with it : One might wonder for a second – what difference does it make whether the visitors are mobile or desktop users, when it comes to email lists and subscriptions ?  There are many differences between mobile sites and desktop ones, just as there are many different ways people browse according to the device they’re using. But what does any of that have to do with the email list ? You’ll learn below.  The root of the problems stems from the ... Read More »

Practical Tips For Increasing Pinterest Followers


Practical Tips For Increasing Pinterest Followers: Get popular in Pinterest … the right way : With its innovative concept, Pinterest has become a major player in the social network scene, acquiring millions of regular visitors that keep scrolling and pinning every day. And where some see entertainment, others see business opportunity. Increasing your Pinterest followers means little or nothing to the individual who only likes to browse and pin, but it’s essential if you want to have a Pinterest campaign for your product. In this article we’ll explore the idea of getting more followers on Pinterest.  You’re probably aware of ... Read More »

Top 5 Article Plugins That will surely Boost Your Blog Traffic


Five  Promising Article Plugins to Boost WordPress Blog : There is number of WordPress plugins available in the market as per your need. Some of those plugins are become compulsory for every blogger. Many bloggers are unaware of special functionality of different plugins. We always been tried to categorized  plugins as per their function like here we have explained Top 5 Premium Auto backlink WordPress Plugins. So take a look, here we are explaining top 5 plugins which will definitely boost your blog traffic. Special Recent Posts PRO - It’s a powerful plugin for WordPress which provide the feature of ... Read More »

How To Increase Facebook Fans And Likes To Your Page


How To Increase Facebook Fans And Likes To Your Page : Driving Popularity In Your Direction: What probably got you to this post was your dissatisfaction with the way your Facebook page. There probably is a way to remedy that, but that still doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong. It’s sometimes the basics that elude us, and sometimes it something that was far beyond the reach of our minds. But, as proud examples of our common human race, we’ll share the knowledge. Don’t expect magical solutions, but it’s likely that the advice below will give you some improvement. Compared to ... Read More »

How To Recover From Google’s Penguin Update


Google makes us learn the hard way Anyone in the SEO business felt as if they were struck by a lightning in late April 2012, when Google introduced their Penguin update. The Penguin update altered the way the algorithm for ranking pages worked, as well as the detection of pages which were fraudulently over-optimized, according to Google. After months and months of SEO campaigns, many saw their website’s positions skyrocketing down to unimaginable oblivion, and people soon began to discuss taking countermeasures and doing damage control. To learn how to do exactly that, we have prepared this article.  In its ... Read More »

What Is Guest Blogging ? Does It Really Help In Link Building ?


What Is Guest Blogging ?  Does It Really Help In Building Links ?  Many of you have probably heard of the idea behind guest blogging. Providing quality content for free is an offer few can refuse (especially if you write really good). At the same time, your ulterior motive for doing such a good deed will guarantee  you many good , high quality backlinks. So to answer simply  – yes , there’s really a lot you can benefit from guest blogging. But if you’re a good, skeptical person , you’ll keep reading to see how we back  that theory up.  ... Read More »

Top 5 Successful Twitter Marketing Strategies


Top 5 Successful  Twitter Marketing Strategies : Unleashing the Avalanche of Retweets : No one can dare to dispute the enormous effects “going viral” would have for the traffic and reputation of your site. Sometimes one such event can generate the traffic months of regular updates and careful content picking couldn’t. But that’s why many of us feel incredibly lucky when we “hit the mother load” – it doesn’t happen as often as we’d wish it did. End even though there isn’t a fixed formula for it, there are some things that have empirically shown to be successful in getting ... Read More »

What is a Google Penalty and How to Avoid it


Penalties are the nightmare of webmasters If you’ve suffered a sudden drop in traffic recently, it is very likely that you were the victim of a Google penalty. Google penalties happen when you overdo a certain part of your optimization efforts, or unwillingly do certain things that lead to Google penalizing your site for malicious content, by their definition. Of course, it’s treatable – but it will take your site a lot of time and hard work on damage control to recover from penalties. You must always keep eye on latest Google updates. As with any eventually occurring problem, the situation ... Read More »

What Is A Proxy Server And How Does It Work?

what is proxy-server

The truth about proxies, anonymity and security : The Internet may be the most free open media of them all, but even in it there are ways to censor content. If you’re lucky enough to be born and raised in a country that doesn’t censor as many things, and  values personal information, you probably won’t have such a strong necessity for a proxy. However, in certain countries, governments black list so much sites, proxies become the only way you can get valuable information or protect your anonymity.  There are many other uses for proxies as well, but we’ll list them ... Read More »

How to Choose A Good Domain Name for Best SEO Results

how to choose a domain

Why a good domain is Important for Optimization : As you know perfectly well ,the domain name is what you type into the browser to get to your site. You already know lots of domain names of popular sites.  It would make sense that mimicking them is good for SEO, but it actually isn’t, for various reasons we shall explain below. Choosing a domain name is one of the crucial aspects of your campaign if you’re just starting to experiment with your online business. Thinking in advance about it is just as crucial.  Many times it has been proven that ... Read More »

All in One SEO Pack vs Yoast’s WordPress SEO


All in One SEO Pack vs Yoast’s WordPress SEO : Clearly, both would make our lives easier. But which one is better? WordPress, being one of the most popular platforms for blogging and content management, has a team of specialists that have already bother to cover the basics of search engine optimization. Nevertheless, when we need more options to customize, we resort to using plugins of various sorts to help us with our tasks. One could say that in this case, one of the contestants, namely Yoast’s WordPress plugin is the newcomer, while All in One SEO is the “old-and-gold” ... Read More »

W3 Total Cache Plugin : Speed Up Your Website


W3 Total Cache Plugin  : Speed Up Your Website: Avoid annoying users with longer wait times, using this plugin : Ever been on a website that takes so long to load, you actually feel like closing it after 10 seconds? Some people might be used to slower internet connections and slower load times, but you shouldn’t rely on that. Every visitor you’ve lost this way can translate to sales losses if you run an online business, which basically means that you’re losing money and interest on your website, all because it takes too long to load. That is a problem ... Read More »