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What Is Guest Blogging ? Does It Really Help In Link Building ?

What Is Guest Blogging ?  Does It Really Help In Building Links ? 


Many of you have probably heard of the idea behind guest blogging. Providing quality content for free is an offer few can refuse (especially if you write really good). At the same time, your ulterior motive for doing such a good deed will guarantee  you many good , high quality backlinks. So to answer simply  – yes , there’s really a lot you can benefit from guest blogging. But if you’re a good, skeptical person , you’ll keep reading to see how we back  that theory up. 

Surely, there are many benefits beside link juice that might prove beneficial to you when you practice guest blogging.  Direct driving of traffic is one of them – users might simply be so interested in what  you post that they might check out any link you publish.  Another great benefit is the ability to establish yourself and your company as knowledgeable and capable experts.  You should not miss on that opportunity, either, because good public opinion is a commodity that’s hard to get  nowadays.

But let’s talk about the benefits you gain from the links you post during your guest blogging experience. Those links are good because:

  • Obviously, they’ll pass link juice and help your blog rank better
  • They’ll be more diverse than links from article directories, for example. Having links from many different domains is better, as per the Penguin update which devaluated the importance of article directories, making guest blogging better
  • There are many  types and varieties of blogs, and finding one with the appropriate subject and category will give you the chance to get links from more relevant  websites.

As you can see, links from blogs provide great benefits , SEO-wise. But one central drawback is that it takes quite a lot of time to find the blog owner willing to allow you to do a guest post, it requires personal communication , and that takes time. Still, their value is so great that it’s worth the effort.

So how can you find people willing to allow you to guest post ?

There’s the classical approach, where you search in Google in the following format:

“keyword”  + “write for us”


“keyword” + ”guest blogging”

This way you’ll find pages that possibly accept guest posts. Look for contact information, this is usually not so hard, as most bloggers are good enough to provide their e-mail address or contact form in a visible place. Make sure you contact as many as you can in your  available time, and sift out later.

Another option is to use online services like MyBlogGuest ,which are communities centered around getting and posting guest posts.

Whatever you decide on, don’t underestimate guest blogging, it’s a powerful tool if used properly, and it can make a difference in your backlink profile.