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Smart Ways to Make Money With WordPress


How the Web, Blogging and Moneymaking Intertwine Not so long ago if you’d mention “making money on the internet”, people would look at you funny. Now not only is it more popular to try to make a living that way, it’s also becoming a tad bit harder because there are many, many people doing it. Yet nothing is as hard as it looks if you make an effort to familiarize yourself with the tricks and snippets of your particular field. This article will give you some beginner’s tips on making money with one of the most popular platforms – WordPress. ... Read More »

How to Optimize Images in WordPress for Better Page Load Time


How to Optimize Images in WordPress for Better Page Load Time : Basic theory and some useful plugins : It will suffice to say that WordPress is one of the most used systems for blogging and content management nowadays. That didn’t happen by accident – it’s because of its ease of use and vast functionality, as well as the good community the platform has. Having that in mind, even a task like optimizing images could be done with minimal knowledge and the right plugins.  Some people ask “ Why bother with image optimization ? “. First of all – images ... Read More »

Internet Business Opportunities – How To Find The Best One For You


Learning how to find the best internet business opportunities can be the smartest and fastest way of achieving your online income goals. This is true whether you are looking to make an extra couple of hundred dollars per week or whether you want to make millions of dollars per year with your online business. As long as you are willing to learn what needs to be done and then do what it takes to get the job done, you will be able to reach your goal. By learning more about how to identify the good internet business opportunities from the ... Read More »

Are You Looking for Business Ideas for 2014?


Are you getting tired of working hard but getting nowhere? That is probably how it seems with your present job. With today’s economy the prices of goods keeps rising but income remains the same. There was a time when you could make good money in your line of work, but now the job market has grown stagnant. With so much competition, employers don’t need to pay more to you for the work they can get from a new employee who gets paid less. If you have reached the end of your rope and want to begin to work on your ... Read More »

Learning How To Promote a Small Business Online


Lots of small businesses these days are struggling to get more clients, but there is certainly a small group of businesses that are killing it by using the power of the internet to find and attract thousands of potential clients for their own businesses. Here we explore how each of the following marketing strategies can help you attract more customers/clients from different channels on the internet. What does it mean to get it on Google and why you should forget yellow pages! If you own a dental clinic in Philadelphia, you will find that getting it ranked for the keywords ... Read More »

5 Most Essential SEO Plugins for WordPress


Most Essential WordPress Plugins for 2012 : The plugins good bloggers don’t go without : WordPress is the leader when it comes to blogging and it has a significant position in the blogging systems market.  In the Technorati Top 100 blogs, 47 run some sort of WordPress installation , even though it’s highly modified to suit their needs., the home page of the system, hosts nearly 19 thousand different plugins!  So now that the staggering statistics have confirmed that WordPress plugins are rich in variety, we have to find the ones that are essential for the running of a ... Read More »

Basic Helpful WordPress SEO Tips for you to Learn and Follow


WordPress is popularly known as a low-cost and highly effective publishing tool that is specifically used for Internet Marketing. In just a matter of minutes, you will be able to come up with your own fully functioning website without knowing or the need to learn HTML. As WordPress is turning to be the most benefitted content management system in the entire world, the developers are finding a lot of ways to optimize blogs and website. Basically, in WordPress, one of the debated topics being talked about and handled is the search engine optimization. Take note that WordPress SEO is extremely ... Read More »

WordPress SEO: 5 Simple and Effective Ways to Use & Enhance your Blog


Search engine optimization (SEO) has often been boiled down to an effective use of keywords. Effective keywords are used naturally in well-written, information, and easily sharable content. Content saturated with keywords is rarely effective, but there are ways to sneak in more iterations of important search terms without changing the article itself. WordPress provides five sneaky, effective tools for making a blog post or page keyword rich without over saturating your words. 1.) Using the Header tags in WordPress. Effective web content is geared for Internet readers, who will often skim a page first to locate the information they want ... Read More »

The 9 Best WordPress SEO Plugins


With millions upon millions of blogs and websites on the internet, you would think that making sure your website can easily be found would be an insurmountable task. However, it simply comes down to search engine optimization (SEO), which can be considered as a cross between an art and a science. You can write the highest quality, most engaging content for your readers on a daily basis, but if you don’t have good SEO then your website will never grow in size. Fortunately, WordPress has some excellent plugins which are purely dedicated to SEO which can help search engines discover ... Read More »

SEO Tips for Dynamic Websites


SEO Tips for Dynamic Websites : The Many Pitfalls of Dynamic Sites And Optimizing For Them : One might wonder with all those dynamic websites, and the shear impracticality of static websites , why hasn’t this issue still been solved ? The truth is that many search engines have already tried to improve support for dynamic websites, but the problem is hard to tackle. And in the meantime, those who find a way to optimize their dynamic site have an advantage of those who don’t. Which in practice means that having an optimized dynamic website could make you more profitable ... Read More »

Simplest way to Add tweet Button anywhere to your Blog


Tweet from wherever you choose : This is probably one of the most often asked questions around the Internet. It has become not only popular, but rather necessary to have a tweet button, along with a Facebook Like button somewhere on your site. Social media is something everyone uses nowadays, and you’ll be considered backward minded if you don’t include shortcuts to sharing on your website. Having that in mind, we’ll examine the ways to insert a Twitter button on your website. When the time comes to add the social media buttons, there are several ways to do it, complicated ... Read More »

What is a Content Management System ? Understanding CMS


What is a Content Management System ? Understanding CMS: The story behind CMS and its uses : CMS stands for Content Management System. You hear the term CMS everywhere, and at this point you’ve probably already understood that when people say CMS, they most often mean a system that , after being installed, produces a configurable website. This is not the full definition of a CMS, as we will see below. However, the way people use the term so often makes us see that CMS installations have become a building block of the modern web,  providing an opportunity to people ... Read More »