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How To Avoid Being Banned From AdSense And Still Make Money

adsense ban

A Google AdSense ban is final and unrefutable … learn how to avoid it:  If you’ve had friends who had the ill-fate of getting their AdSense account banned, you would know that AdSense bans are final – once you make some mistake, Google is very unlikely to give you your account back, even with your best efforts to challenge that fate. So to most people who make a living this way, it’s vital to know what causes AdSense bans and how to steer clear of it. If you look at Google’s terms for AdSense, the one you agree with upon ... Read More »

What is Social Bookmarking & its Role in SEO

social bookmarking

What is social bookmarking : Social Bookmarking is a platform where users can create virtual thumbs to a picture,content,video or anything else.As an online marketing campaign  Your main goal on these sites should be  to get links and votes for your content.It indeed can be a great source of traffic and also builds your online reputation. Social Bookmarking sites : There are numerous Social Bookmarking sites on internet and need not to say that most of them are crappy.New bloggers always do a lot of hard work by submitting links to 100’s of these sites.Trust me,you are wasting your valuable time.We ... Read More »

What are Quality Backlinks ? 5 tips to get quality Backlinks


What are Quality Backlinks ? :5 tips to get quality Backlinks What are quality Backlinks : Here we are showcasing some characteristics of quality Backlinks which will in turn give you high Page rank and a decent amount of traffic links from a high PR sites Links from exactly relevant content Links from .edu and .gov domains Links from root domains No of links from different domains is better than no of links from one domain Ways to get Quality Backlinks : Do research where  exactly you want to place the links. Homepage or any particular post. Choose particular post ... Read More »

Important things to consider before buying Backlinks


Most important things to consider before Buying Backlinks   Before starting my article I want to clear something : “I am strictly against buying links from any Link building company.Its always better to do the freelancer way.”Lets continue with our topic now. If an idea of buying backlinks hits your mind,there could be possibly that You have no knowledge about quality linkbuilding You have absolute knowledge but have no time In this situation you must have to choosing buying Backlinks or be stucked at one place.If you know the importance of Back links you will definitely choose buying Back links ... Read More »

5 Site Recovery Tactics After Penguin Update Hit


Does your ranking affect by recent Google Penguin updates and looking for some easy and powerful steps to recover your site. Don’t worry we are here to help with some awesome tips.You can also easily recover from manual spam action taken by Google. When Google gave hints here and there that it was about to unleash new updates, the whole world stood by to await its coming. And when the forces of Google Panda and Penguin, the search engine’s latest updates on its algorithms, were released, we were blown away. Figuratively, of course. Top 5 Site Recovery Tactics after Penguin ... Read More »

Top 5 Blogging Tips for Beginners

beginners blogging guide

Those who are totally new to Blogging world and want to be successful blogger has to follow some extraordinary steps listed here for beginners like you. Top 5 Blogging Tips for Beginners When you are thinking of launching a blog or if you are interested in boosting your company’s online presence, you can do so by understanding the blogging world and by reviewing a few tips, tricks, and techniques to help you to boost your business once you have launched your blog. Preparing For Your Blog First, it is important to determine the type of blog you want to run ... Read More »

How to Improve your Blog Post Content


Want to get Get More Readers to your blog and want them to read your blog content, Then you have to improve your article writing and have to do some optimization in blog post as well. As a blogger you need to constantly look for methods to communicate with your audiences. You will want to grab the attention of readers and keep them hooked onto the post they are reading. While blogging, you may not be satisfied with a handful of subscribers. You may need more numbers and this can be done by perfecting each post. Here are a couple of ... Read More »

Top 5 Premium WordPress Auto-Backlink Plugins

Wordpress auto Backlinks plugin

Top 5 Premium WordPress Auto-Backlink Plugins: In order to increase the traffic of blog all blogger need do-follow links and with help of Top rated Premium WordPress Backlink Plugins listed here you can easily improve you SEO. Now a days Google is continuously changing its search algorithms and also added Google Panda and Penguin to remove low quality content from their search database. To increase your site quality and off page optimization you must have some responsive Premium Auto Backlink WordPress Plugins which can help you to boost your ranking and also make your impression as high quality site in google, Since ... Read More »

Freelance Content Writing


Content writing is becoming a popular engagement in the modern world. With the tremendous growth experienced in the field of internet marketing, more opportunities are being created in the field of content writing. Developing content for new websites is just as important as creating product reviews for affiliate marketing sites and articles for syndication. Freelance content writing makes it possible for business owners and markers to meet all their writing needs at affordable rates. As a freelance content writing agent, you have to decide whether you want to work through outsourcing firms or work independently. There are many freelance writing ... Read More »

Learning more about Freelance Developers


Many freelance developers earn pretty nicely and this is something though that will only depend on their experience, their ability to complete a project and of course on the reputation they have gathered in the maybe many years they have been doing this type of job. These developers can be classified in many categories, like iPhone developers, Android developers and so on and each of them will earn a slightly higher or lower salary compared to the other. People who choose to become app developers for the iPhone or the Android market for instance need to have excellent computer programming ... Read More »

Tips for Freelance App Developers


Applications, more popularly known as apps, give different functionality to modern devices. Without apps, your smartphone, tablet or any high-tech device will simply be boring if not totally useless. And looking at the speed of how these devices improve in just a matter of a year or months, you can expect to encounter an ever growing list of new apps. Apart from that, there will also be lots of opportunities for freelance app developers. We take special notice of freelance app developers because those who are employed by software development companies always have something to work on. Working as an ... Read More »

How to Become a Freelance Android Developer and Other Useful Tips


It is amazing how technology does not seem to stop improving in recent years, that is why experts believe that programming will remain as a highly in-demand job. If you have knowledge about programming, you are not likely to experience unemployment. On top of that, you will always get a good-paying job. However, working in a company as a programmer or Android developer can be boring. You will have supervisors and managers telling you what to do and you won’t have a choice but to do it. It is not different from an average 9 to 5 job. Being a ... Read More »