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Freelance Content Writing

Content writing is becoming a popular engagement in the modern world. With the tremendous growth experienced in the field of internet marketing, more opportunities are being created in the field of content writing. Developing content for new websites is just as important as creating product reviews for affiliate marketing sites and articles for syndication. Freelance content writing makes it possible for business owners and markers to meet all their writing needs at affordable rates.

As a freelance content writing agent, you have to decide whether you want to work through outsourcing firms or work independently. There are many freelance writing sites that post jobs daily from leading companies as well as new businesses. These jobs are usually grouped into categories such as technology, internet marketing, relationships, education, business, product reviews, tourism among others. It is your role to identify the field you are most experienced in and specialize in that.

Working for freelance content writing outsourcing firms has its advantages as well as limitations. First, you have to spend your time searching for a credible site to write for. Some sites are free while others require you to pay some subscription fee. However, you have to note that finding a credible site and getting jobs to write are two different things. There are many credible sites out there that are not yet stable.

If you decide to write independently, you will have all the freedom to set your preferred value for your work. In this case, you will have to create a money making website that can accept and send payments, and then advertise your services just like any other business. Either way, freelance content writing can either make or break you depending on available orders and earnings per article.

Freelance content writing pay scale

There is no fixed pay for freelance content writers. Most independent freelance content writers believe that it is hard to pay someone for their ideas, and thus it is hard to pay a freelance writer for the ideas they generate for your business. Most of the times, it becomes fair to rate your services in terms of hours worked. While this pricing method can be tricky, it works for most writers especially in the United States where labor laws are followed strictly.

Freelance content writing agents who use the hourly pricing system often range between $5-20 per hour. This kind of arrangements requires constant monitoring and regular updates on work done to ensure that neither the writer nor the client loses.

Most sites pay a fixed amount of money, depending on your writing level. As a result, you will have to find your way to the highest paying rank by providing quality content and establishing good working relationships with clients. Freelance writing sites pay per work, with most of them ranging between $1-5 per 300 words. However, software review sites and tourism blogs tend to pay a little bit higher, with some paying up to $1200 per article.

How to attract clients and succeed as a freelance content writing agent

In order to succeed, you need to establish lasting bonds with clients. The best way to do this is by delivering quality and timely work. Always ensure that you follow all the instructions given. Do not focus on money value, but on the service delivery. Quality content will always result to repeat orders from the same client, whether you are working through outsourcing firms or independently.

Quality is all what matters as far as content writing is concerned, and it is the license to good reputation. Good reputation guarantees you of continuous business and hence higher profits in terms of earnings per project, tips and bonuses. Freelance content writing sites give clients the opportunity to request you to do their projects, and this means that you will write more and hence earn more. As an independent writer, your clients will only be attracted by your quality; if it is poor, they will search for other alternatives but if it s good, they will stick around.

Discipline is another essential element in the freelance content writing business. You need to determine when you are going to write and stick to your schedule. A timetable ensures that you deliver your work in time thus gaining the trust of your clients who will keep placing repeat orders from you.

Discipline should also be exercised while dealing with clients. Clients are delicate people and you should understand how to deal with each one of them as an individual. Learn your clients and know how to treat them. Bonus content is not bad, since it gives the client the chance to clip unwanted parts and still get value for their money. If a client acts rudely, you do not have to respond rudely. Remember they are the ones paying you and without them, your business is dead.

Avoid simple proofreading errors and if necessary, enroll for a part time writing course. Poor grammar and spelling mistakes can be a major turn of, and every writer should have a keen eye on their work. Your words and sentences should flow from the first paragraph to the last, and paragraphs should have some coherence.

Some SEO knowledge will definitely be required, since your content is supposed to provoke the reader into action. As much as you try to provide the readers with relevant content, ensure that the reader can always find the content without straining. Keyword choice, density, and location should be appropriate. In addition, different writers have different writing styles, but you need to write as an expert in the specific category you have chosen as your area of specialization.

A good writer is a good researcher, and good research skills are an added value to the freelance content writing scene. Content writing is one of the most dynamic fields, and trends are continuously changing by the day. You also need to familiarize yourself with the changing market needs and adapt to new trends. Do not be left out; be updated in order to provide compelling and relevant content for your target readers.

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