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5 Site Recovery Tactics After Penguin Update Hit

Does your ranking affect by recent Google Penguin updates and looking for some easy and powerful steps to recover your site. Don’t worry we are here to help with some awesome tips.You can also easily recover from manual spam action taken by Google.

When Google gave hints here and there that it was about to unleash new updates, the whole world stood by to await its coming. And when the forces of Google Panda and Penguin, the search engine’s latest updates on its algorithms, were released, we were blown away. Figuratively, of course.

Top 5 Site Recovery Tactics after Penguin Update Hit :-

A lot of us were hit real hard, although our websites suffered the most. Traffic went down, rankings went down, and basically our egos went down. If some of us underestimated Penguin, we won’t make the same mistake twice.

google penguin effect

But enough with the journey down memory lane. It is time to talk about now: what can we do to recover from Penguin? Should we overhaul our websites or should we just stick to wise SEO methods?

Personally, I prefer the latter. You do not need to reconstruct your entire domain just to make room for new Google updates. In fact, all you need are simple strategies like the following:

Eliminate low-quality links

low quality links

First of all, how do you distinguish between low and high quality links? Incoming links that have little value to you are those that are not related to your niche.

For example, if you have a blog site about cars, and you have links to or from fashion sites, these will be considered irrelevant both by your readers and by Google. Another sign is if a link is a 404 page or a broken link. This will irate your readers and jeopardise their loyalty to your site.

Simply put, focus on acquiring quality links and do not worry so much about the number.

Post as guest author for other blogs

If the previous technique left you clamoring for high-quality backlinks, then this strategy is very useful for you.

Being a guest author at authority blogs helps generate traffic for your site, particularly because it promotes incoming links to your important pages. And the great thing about this is that it is approved by Google Penguin, so to speak. Since this update focuses on “natural” links, giving articles in return for reliable backlinks is as natural as they get.

Create diverse anchor texts

If you were hit by Penguin, it could be because of the “commonness” or similarity of your anchor texts. Even if you are not doing this deliberately, it still appears suspicious and scammy for Google bots.

create anchor texts

If you have articles about “blogging techniques”, diversify your anchor texts and use various combinations and phrases like “clever blogging strategies”, “tips for bloggers”, “effective blogging”, and so on.

The trick is to be as original, straightforward, and keyword-conscious.

Focus on better website appearance

A lot of website owners are so focused on more complex SEO strategies that they neglect one of the simplest yet most important method—site design.

For example, if you feature a lot of ads into your inner pages, and slap them with footer links, this will seem highly suspicious for Google, especially since it considers “overflowing ads” as a sign of spamming.

So the best thing to do is to keep your pages as simple and organized as possible. If you have links, embed them as words into your content to create a better and more visually pleasing experience for your readers. Plus, this will make it easier for search bots to crawl through your site and index your pages.

Embed links in your content


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