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What are Quality Backlinks ? 5 tips to get quality Backlinks

What are Quality Backlinks ? :5 tips to get quality Backlinks

What are quality Backlinks :

Here we are showcasing some characteristics of quality Backlinks which will in turn give you high Page rank and a decent amount of traffic

  1. links from a high PR sites
  2. Links from exactly relevant content
  3. Links from .edu and .gov domains
  4. Links from root domains
  5. No of links from different domains is better than no of links from one domain

Ways to get Quality Backlinks :

  1. Do research where  exactly you want to place the links. Homepage or any particular post.
  2. Choose particular post over homepage: I am not saying there is no need to link the homepage but to maintain the relevancy, you should place the link at particular post.
  3. Decide anchor text by keeping your article’s title in  mind :As you have already perform the best title keyword research,use accordingly . refer google adwords.
  4. quantity Or Quality : If we say google wants only quality backlinks we are partially correct and same for quantity. Both quality and quantity of backlinks are important. If you build quality backlinks that will result to improving your page authority as well as domain authority. And if you have a lot of backlinks of low quality, page authority and domain authority will automatically decreased. Value of domain will be decreased.

So it’s better to avoid low quality backlinks. At least you will be sure your site is not going to penalised because of negative impact.

Link building is slow process so don’t be in hurry. Try to build only quality backlinks otherwise low quality links will harm your blog.

5.   Important things to check of domain from where you are taking links :

Domain value:

  • Check if site is penalised or black listed.
  • Check the authority of domain on which site you are placing the link.
  • Check the page authority of that particular page on which page you are going to place the link.
  • Avoid placing the link in bottom of article.
  • Check the how much links are pointing outwards. Outgoing links should not be more than 20.
  • Always choose good PR domain otherwise no use.
  • Avoid reciprocal links.

6.   Article marketing links:

  • Most of the links coming from article marketing used to be no follow.
  • When you are posting the article on article marketing sites,your moto should not be of quality backlinks. Just consider you are going to award referral traffic.
  • Although there are article marketing sites with high PR. There are thousands links going outwards or pointing to some other domains so don’t expect you are getting high quality links.
  • Article marketing sites can be used to popularise the your blog.

7.     Social Bookmarking sites :

Platform to submit links which ever content you have added on site.

8.   Make sure links are Do-follow:

Do- follow links helps you dual way i.e. to improve PR as well as to increase domain authority. Additional benefit is same of no-follow links i.e. attracting traffic. Now you may be understand the importance of relevant content link building. You will definitely get targeted traffic as well google won’t consider them unknowing links. Rather those links will be count as natural link which matters a lot.                       

No- follow links doesn’t helps to increase your domain authority or page authority. So always keep eye on to build do-follow links.No-follow links are not there to help you improving your PR.

The only benefit of No-Follow link is attracting traffic to your blog which is also important thing. My point is there is no need to pay for no-follow links. You can build no follow links very easily by blog comment,article submission etc.

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