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Effective keyword research : 3 steps to follow

Effective keyword research :

As a new blogger you must have always wondered “how to find correct keyword for particular post “.You may have heard of keyword research.You may have heard lot of complicated terms like keywords relevance,keyword competition etc.Don’t think it’s really complicated actually its as simple as you choosing a movie to watch.

Now first thing you need before starts is a keyword tool which provides you with the monthly searches for any keywords.I recommend you the free and most trusted : AdWords keywords tool by Google.

AdWords keyword tool for keyword research :

It’s simple!you have to enter the keyword which you want to target and come with the results-monthly searches for that keyword with “global,local,exact,broad and phrase data.”

In second column it gives your keyword competition.Don’t be fooled by this.

The competition that adwords provide is for the advertisers who are targeting for that keyword to ad in Google.So the competition column has nothing to do with you.A high competitive keyword can give you good cpc in adsense.You can take it that way.

Factors to consider while doing keyword research :

So now we have a tool to do keyword research.Lets keep a simple thing in mind.choose a keyword which satisfies these three condition :

  • Excellent keyword relevance
  • Least competition
  • Maximum monthly searches
  • Long tail keywords
  • Always choose the keyword which represents your content fully as your visitor will get what they want and you will get good conversions.This will satisfy the users.
  • Have a look at monthly searches.Try to find keywords with high monthly searches.Naturally no one wants keywords with low searches.
  • Long tail keywords are comparatively simple to rank in Google .A new blogger should always start with long tail keywords before getting some high ranked keywords on the list.Mostly long tail keywords have less competition.
  • Always keep in mind : “more searches more competition” and “less search less competition”
keyword research

How to judge keyword competition :

There are variety of factors to judge the keyword comptition.Lets make it simple to understand

  • The no of results generated for particular search in Google .
  • Top 5 search results in Google.
  • Check the PR,links and domain authority of first 5 results.
  • While deciding any keyword these top five results are your competitors

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