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What is Social Bookmarking & its Role in SEO

What is social bookmarking :

Social Bookmarking is a platform where users can create virtual thumbs to a picture,content,video or anything else.As an online marketing campaign  Your main goal on these sites should be  to get links and votes for your content.It indeed can be a great source of traffic and also builds your online reputation.

Social Bookmarking sites :

There are numerous Social Bookmarking sites on internet and need not to say that most of them are crappy.New bloggers always do a lot of hard work by submitting links to 100′s of these sites.Trust me,you are wasting your valuable time.We recommend just 4 social Bookmarking sites which are more than enough to accomplish your goal.


Social Bookmarking for seo :

What makes social Bookmarking different?In Social Bookmarking we reach to people who are interested in our products or services.It means that’s its easy and effective method to get in touch with people with similar interests.

When you add new content ,people come to know about it only when they visit your page.Here we are doing exactly opposite :”we ourselves are reaching to people with our content “.If people love content naturally your contents get exposure.

Links from Social Bookmarking sites are no-follow and will not directly help to increase your rankings but have a lot of benefits which still make them special.

  •  You get some really easy one way links
  • You get valuable online presense in front of targeted audience
  • You can get loads of traffic if done properly
  • You can create a loyal fan following

How to do Social Bookmarking effectively :

Lets make it short and sweet.I will just list down the factors.

  • Share every new posts on these 4 sites
  • Follow people of similar interests to build your followers
  • Share attention grabbing content
  • Add Social Bookmarking buttons on your site
  • Keep in mind you are here to give your content exposure
  • Be consistent in link sharing
  • Engage in conversation with followers
  • Ask people to share your content on these sites

These are simple yet effective thins you should follow .Don’t expect drastic changes,changes will take place gradually.So keep patience,and be updated with your content.As your followers gets increased or your content goes viral you will naturally get targeted traffic.

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