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Learning more about Freelance Developers

Many freelance developers earn pretty nicely and this is something though that will only depend on their experience, their ability to complete a project and of course on the reputation they have gathered in the maybe many years they have been doing this type of job. These developers can be classified in many categories, like iPhone developers, Android developers and so on and each of them will earn a slightly higher or lower salary compared to the other.

People who choose to become app developers for the iPhone or the Android market for instance need to have excellent computer programming skills and on top of that, they need to also have strong knowledge of marketing and online business. In the following paragraphs this article will expand on what being a freelance developer means, how to become one, the salary and the way they work with clients.

The basics of becoming a freelance developer

1. First of all in order to begin working as a freelance developer people will need to purchase a computer that will be powerful enough in order to accommodate the type of work they are doing. A Wi-Fi connection is also required, because they will have to send the project to their clients once is finished, but also talk to their buyers in order to have clear instructions at every step of the development process.

2. Developers also need to have the SDK or the software development kit download off the web and in case they want to develop iPhone apps, they should get it from Apple’s official website. The SDK is a complete set of tools that help freelance developers with doing their work properly. Some of the tools the SDK includes number performance analyzers, reference library, documentation, interface builders, iOS simulators, and so on.

3. If the developer is not very well versed in Objective C, C++ or C he should try to learn it as best as possible. All the apps which are going to be created in order to be used with an iPhone and iOS compatible devices need to be written in these three languages. While the high level developers seem to prefer writing their code in C++, the majority of them will just be comfortable with using Objective C. Yet once people will become proficient in one language, it will become much easier for them to learn the rest of the 2.

In case some freelance developers would like to learn these programming languages they can just refer to the iPhone app SDK because it features a tutorial library. Also, the massive selection of online eBooks that teach people about it and the many online free tutorials are again a source for information. The best way to study and learn them though is to study at a university, college or online college.

What it means to be a freelancer

Being a freelancer seems to be easy for some, yet hard for others. How can this be? There are many people out there who just dream to be able to work from the comfort of their own home and earn as much money as they want. Well, freedom seems to be too much for some individuals and they will try to skip work as much as possible. Being in control of their time, they just are not emotionally educated enough in order to distinguish their priorities.

The freelance developers can work from their own home or any city or country they choose to, as long as they have an active internet connection. It’s a job that allows people to go grab a coffee if they want or watch the latest trailer of a movie they expect very much.

The earning potential though is something that professionals need to work on. The way they earn money is by completing as many projects as they can in a timely manner and with great quality. After that, they will usually get some reviews which will describe the way the project has been handled. The more positive reviews they get, the higher the chance they will have a higher hire repeat rate.


Each project has a certain complexity level and each employer is a different person. They may be more patient or they can nag the freelance developers for updates every day and that is why for those who are and can call themselves professionals, it shouldn’t be such a big problem to know how to calm their client so they are not bothered from working with feeble questions.

It’s best that the two will talk over video chat so they can get a feel of each other. It’s a way through which the client can also see whether the developer is a guy he can rely on or someone that might not really output great quality. Once the terms and conditions are all set, the freelance developer can start working on the assigned project while providing updates with the major advanced he made for the project. It’s a good way to keep the buyer informed and relaxed.


According to info supplied by the BLS the mean pay in 2010 for freelance developers was of 87.700 dollars per annum. While the lowest ten percent of professionals earned 53.829 dollars per year, the highest ten percent managed to bring home more than 128.400 dollars per year. Moreover, the middle fifty percent earned between 66.990 dollars and 104.339 dollars per year, which is a pretty good salary for a profession that offers a lot of freedom and the possibility of not having to dress up in a suit and tie every day of the week.

Working as a freelance developer is a good job for those who think can handle the massive freedom that this job offers them, without falling into the wrong side of it and just skipping off work. It’s a job that requires talent, true skills and responsibility. Achieving goals fast and efficiently is the core of a freelance developer because he always needs to strive in order to impress clients so that his reputation will increase accordingly.

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