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Important things to consider before buying Backlinks

Most important things to consider before Buying Backlinks


Before starting my article I want to clear something : “I am strictly against buying links from any Link building company.Its always better to do the freelancer way.”Lets continue with our topic now.

If an idea of buying backlinks hits your mind,there could be possibly that

  1. You have no knowledge about quality linkbuilding
  2. You have absolute knowledge but have no time

In this situation you must have to choosing buying Backlinks or be stucked at one place.If you know the importance of Back links you will definitely choose buying Back links rather than getting stucked.Quality Back links are directly proportional to high PR or your domain authority.

Now as you have decided buying Backlinks you should consider certain factors to assure quality of Back links you are going to get.Otherwise you will lose your Dollars and time.Already most of people have gone through this gamble.

list of factors you should keep in mind :

It is again divided into two parts:

  1. Your Backlink Provider
  2. Quality of Back links

Parameters to judge Backlink Provider :

  1. Check their Portfolio and experience
  2. Ask them the sources of link they are going to provide
  3. Ask them if links are software generated
  4. Check if they use any black hat techniques

Parameters to judge Backlink Quality :

Even if PR is good,don’t trust. Check following things.

Are the linking happens from relevant content? Because linking is important only when it comes from relevant content. So google can consider it as a how trustworthy your site is in others view? Additional benefit is you can get relevant topic which can be useful for conversion.

Are those sites meant only for linking purpose as most of the link builder do that.

Is that site is frequently  updated?

Domain age?

Check domain authority at Seomoz which give exact figure

  • Links should not be from social bookmarking sites
  • Links should not be from article marketing sites
  • Every Link should be placed manually
  • Outgoing Links on linking URL must not be more than 20

The linking page should be indexed minimum 3 months before.

Links should be permanent. Ask for minimum 6 months validity.If happens, ask forreplacement of another link.

Make it clear about strictly white hat. NO black hat or grey hat. Otherwise your  site will get penalised instead of benefiting from those backlinks.

Payment :

That’s the most important and final things for both the sides. You should not except some one to work for you without paying a single penny or link builders should not except advance payment for the work he is going to perform. You should always think about the win-win situation for both. Make it clear that you will release payment only when all links verified by you. If that don’t work check out sample link and make half payment.

Always keep in mind there is  need of continuous link building. So if you thought someone capable to perform task the way you want. Try to build relationship. Both will be lucky to having good employee as well as good employer.

After performing link building check out whether there are unwanted links present or not


I am sure if you follow this things you will never be cheated by spammy linkbuilders and your main moto will be fulfilled.All the best for your Linkbuildng.

We love feedback,so always keep commenting.If you have some more tips tell us.

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