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Tips for Freelance App Developers

Applications, more popularly known as apps, give different functionality to modern devices. Without apps, your smartphone, tablet or any high-tech device will simply be boring if not totally useless. And looking at the speed of how these devices improve in just a matter of a year or months, you can expect to encounter an ever growing list of new apps. Apart from that, there will also be lots of opportunities for freelance app developers.

We take special notice of freelance app developers because those who are employed by software development companies always have something to work on. Working as an app developer for a company is no different from an average 9-5 job. You have a supervisor and a manager who tell you what to do. And because you have no choice, you end up doing it even if you do not really want to.

If you do not like this setup, going freelance is the right way to go. However, you must understand that going freelance has its own disadvantages and it is not an answer to all your problems. But if you think you can deal with it, you have great chances of succeeding with your freelance endeavor.

Tips for Getting Your Clients :

If you are a programmer who has previous experience, finding a client should be easier for you than it is for a complete newbie. You have a portfolio, you have worked in a company, and you know how to do things. You should now focus on how to market yourself and your software. If you are clueless, you can apply the following simple guidelines.

1. Join a couple of freelance networks. On the internet, there are lots of freelance marketplaces. In fact, you might already be aware about some of them. Three of the most popular freelancing marketplaces are Elance, vWorker and Freelancer.

2. Write a blog about business solutions that can help your potential clients. You do not need to write about programming because your clients are neither programmers nor programming students. They are more interested in what you can do for them. Let them know how you can solve specific problems.

3. Place ads. You can advertise your skills and your services in blogs that are read by potential clients. It may initially incur a cost but you can get good returns once you have found your client.

4. Read forums. Webmaster forums include programmers and non-programmers who are looking for such services. You can find your first client in the classified ads section. For sure, somebody in that section needs your app developing skills.

5. Purchase PPC ads in platforms such as Microsoft Adcenter and Adwords. Make sure that your advertisement is as specific as possible and your ads go to a specific webpage that is designated to that particular ad. This way, you will spend less on clicks and earn from real business.
You can also apply these principles to get your subsequent clients. And when you do, you must apply these following principles.

6. Always over deliver. When you get your first client or clients, make sure that you exceed their expectations. In the beginning, it won’t matter if you are paid less for a high quality job or more demands. Just make your first five or 10 customers are happy and everything else will fall into place. A couple of clients will abuse you and when they do, just stop working with them. Remember that you are a freelance app developer and you can choose who to work with. Your other customers will appreciate what you do and will continue giving you more projects. They will also refer you to their colleagues. This way, you can increase your client base.

7. Manage your finances. In the life of freelance developers, there are months when you will have less projects. You do not have to get overworked trying to finish more projects to earn more money. You can always have something on the side. This principle is simple and when applied, you will see that your financial status will be better than people who have the paycheck to paycheck mentality.


According to InfoWorld, the average annual salary of a freelance app developer ranges from $97,000 to $120,000. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, on the other hand, says that the annual average salary for them is $94, 410 in 2010. The growth is because of the demand for the skill. While high tech phones have grown in number, manufacturers need highly skilled people to take on the job. It is a good thing that the number of people that know how to develop applications is fewer than the demand. This way, you can certainly enjoy good pay.

Today, developers are divided into two major categories. These are the Android app developers and the iOS app developers. Each category requires a person to have calibre skills. Since iOS is exclusive for Apple products, freelance app developers get more opportunities from a wide array of businesses that prefer Android. A freelance Android app developer can create software at home or during travel. The earnings are also comparable to the wages for full-time employees. The question lies in whether a freelance can deliver a project or not.

To get better opportunities as a freelance app developer, you must improve your skills. You can learn both operating systems and cater to different clients who want their apps available for these two platforms. Another good way to improve your credentials is by learning a foreign language. In case a foreign client employs your services, you will be able to attend to them and at the same time make their applications bilingual, at least. If you know several languages, you can even develop a multilingual app.

Freelancing is a better way to escape the monotonous 9-5 pattern. This will hold true for app developers. You can have control over your projects, you can earn better than an average employee and you can choose your working hours. The advantages of being a freelance app developer are not limited to these.

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