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How To Get Your First Client

How To Get Your First Client :

And How To Expand Your Clients List After That

While it is true that each and every business is different, one thing that bothers most people with aspirations to be entrepreneurs is how in the world are they going to find their first client. And even though that’s the sort thing that makes a businessman prove himself, there are always things we can learn from others who have gone down that path. Here are some tips on finding your first clients.

So , you’ve already organized everything, found the materials and supplies needed for your business, you’re locked and stocked, and ready to dive into heaps of work. But the phone is not ringing, your email’s inbox is empty and that contact form on your website remains untouched. Obviously something needs to be done, and here are some of the more common things you can do.

Work for family or friends from time to time:

In order to get people referred to you, you can always do a good work for a friend or family member. Word of mouth will get that to other people who need your services, and the process will continue, so long as you do what you do well.

Make your price list offer different options for different needs:

Whatever your business, it always makes a better impression on people if you have several different packages for different needs, offering different features and options. In some businesses you can afford to make discounts on a certain basis – that will make it easier for you to win a certain narrower target market, which may gradually expand.

Make your flyer/website/advertisement informative:

Be sure to include whatever might interest your clients. On your website, add a contract form and contact details, in case people would want to contact you.  Your IM account and a link to a certain social network could also be beneficial, as we’ll discuss later. The vital thing here is that you don’t need blatant self-promotion , but rather something that will help someone in need of your business choose you. And often that happens on the basis of the attractiveness of your advertisement and the ease with which your client can contact you.

Employ social network profiles:

Everybody has Facebook and Twitter these days,  and most people could forget to brush their teeth in the morning, but wouldn’t forget checking out for new notifications on their favorite social media site. Use that to your advantage – post interesting things, useful advice, or just peculiar facts, but still continue mentioning your business. Sooner or later people are going to notice, and when they’re in need of your services, will use them instead of your competitor. It’s all about reaching the crowd , but not coming off as  someone who’s trying way too hard to promote themselves.

Be sure to optimize your site for search engines:

The thing most of us do when we need something done nowadays is the following : we wonder if we already know someone that can do it, then if we don’t, or we’re  not satisfied with last time’s work, we search in Google. So what better visitor to your website than one who is actually looking for the services you offer ? This sounds all pretty and neat, but it can only happen if you’re in the top positions. That’s what Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) will help you with.

Be sure to at least try to employ these tactics before giving up. You’ll get your first customer eventually, for most new businesses it’s just a matter of time.


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