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Getting Successful with Facebook (updated)

Importance of Facebook in blog success

Today in these  days if you ask someone , “ dude, what is Facebook?” . He might get shocked and will start thinking how much you are behind the world. In fact he will start to think illiterate etc. So my point is today Facebook has become integral part of our life. We can’t replace it now with anything else. So it’s better for us to think in a way that , how can we make use of Facebook for our website’s online presence.

Facebook plays the dual role. Learn here, How to download Facebook videos easily.It used for personal use as well as for corporate purpose. There is a very thin line between these two.So we can achieve our business goals while maintaining our personal relationships. So be ready to take maximum advantage from one of the most successful social networking website i.e.

Conversion from facebook:

Most of the clients  don’t see any changes in direct sales from Facebook but they consider this as a platform for investment that keeps their customers in feel good environment.

Some clients use facebook to drive traffic to their websites by updating status or sharing new post.

Your facebook presence:

Facebook doesn’t charge. It’s absolutely free , easy to understand newcomer.If you think facebook is not going to help you out anyways, still be ready with your business page.

Creating your facebook Business Page:

If you think facebook is useless for you at least create your own business page. Go to following link.

How it will benefit you? Atleast it will ensure that nobody else can mak a page using your name.

You can be updated with your customers through Facebook business page.

You can manage it from your regular profile login page. To crate a business page , your own profile is mandatory. So at first you may need to crate your own profile, if you don’t pursue..

Keywords role:

Even in Facebook keywords  have their importance. So think hard while choosing your business name and keywords you want the business to be found in Facebook .


Facebook as a customer interaction medium:

Ones you crate your facebook business page, your customers will “like” it . Now they are at a receiving end. Your responsibility to update your status with new interesting things.If your status looks impressive and interesting , it will  automatically go viral. New people will come to know about what you are offering. So you should make use of your full of resources.

It will even useful to drive direct traffic to your website.

Ask question to your customers to know about what exactly they think .You will get the instant feedback . doesnt matter whether feedback is positive or negative. If you have get positive feedback it will encourage you and will come to know you are on right track. If you get negative feedback cross check the things you have done. Improve those things .

All these are the very simple techniques to get success at Facebook. Share this with your friends. If you have some more to add , we are pleased to hear from you.


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