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Top Five Android Apps

The essential Android Apps you need to have on your phone :

android-apps-2012Most of the casual people were skeptical with Android at first. The ones who were most excited about Android were usually the tech-savvy people, and that was a grim prospect at first, since most expected apps for Android not to be easy and well-made as those for, say, Apple.  But even though Apple had the head start,   the once so-called Android Market, which is now Google Play , is filled with thousands of apps made to please even the most demanding users. Let’s see what the best entries are. 

Clearly, some of the concepts behind some of these apps were age-old. But it’s their good  practical realization under the Android environment that makes them so popular and so successful.  Aside from that, Android applications tend to be free of charge, more often than not. That makes up for the great popularity of some of them.

1. Dolphin Browser HD – Android app:

An uncontested  favorite in its category, Dolphin Browser HD offers everything that the regular Android browser offers in terms of stability.  The improvements come with its options for easy navigation, including touchpad gestures and voice recognition similar to that offered by Siri for iPhone.  Dolphin also has a bookmarking system which is as complex as the ones offered by desktop browsers, meaning there’s now a way to reorganize your bookmarks according to lots of filters, and a plugin system rivaled by few. It’s really a must for anyone who plans on browsing the internet with their Android Phone.

2.     Dropbox Android App:

android app2

I bet right now, all of you who read this, are dividing into two groups. Those who have used Dropbox on their PCs are like “There’s Dropbox for Android ? I’m installing that thing right away”.  If you’re from the other group who has no idea what Dropbox is , let’s elaborate.  Dropbox keeps a synchronized folder on every device it’s installed on, based on your profile. It also keeps these files on a remote Dropbox server. So each time you save something to your phone’s Dropbox folder, it’s automatically uploaded to the server, and from there – to your PC or even several PCs.  This type of synchronization allows you not to worry when you need a file – wherever you are and whatever device you have at hand. The free version can have up to 2  GB of information, stored comfortably in several places, to obtain from wherever you need it.

3.     Imo messenger :

android app3

The thing that makes Imo particularly interesting and handy for your phone is that it provides you with the capability to chat on several different instant messaging platforms, using only one program! Now , if you were to have 3 different IM accounts, you’d need an app for each one, and if you wanted to run them simultaneously, that would take heaps of your phones memory.  With Imo, that’s no longer necessary.

Imo supports the most common instant messaging networks like MSN, Skype , GTalk, ICQ and Jabber.  And if that’s not enough for you, you can use popular social networks like Facebook,  Russian VKontakte, Hyves (a Dutch network) and surprisingly enough, even Steam!  Yes, you can chat through Steam , the gaming platform.

All in all ,that should be enough for all your instant messaging needs!

4.     Multicon Widget :

Where there was once one icon , there can now be 4 icons. That’s what Multicon Widget does, in one short simple sentence.  You’ve probably installed many applications on your phone, but  have so little space to put shortcuts for them all. You can use several screens other than your home screen , but that takes up memory and let’s be frank, it’s not convenient for all of us. That’s why you need to use Multicon to give you the opportunity to have more, smaller icons.

5.     Swift Key 3 Keyboard :

This is essentially an auto-correct program, and it doesn’t sound like much when I say it like that, but think about it – what if you had a program that would predict what you meant based on the proximity of the buttons on your on-screen keyboard and a dictionary of what you probably meant. This is basically what Swift Key does and it does it good.

These are the absolute basics when it comes to Android apps. Sure, there are many others who might pique your interest, and that’s why Android is great for variety. But still, there are some programs which make a revolutionary change in how we use our phones. And these are some of them.


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