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Top 10 Android Applications from CodeCanyon

Electric Orange Android Application :

 Electric Orange

Screenshots | Purchase

 Electric Orange has a modern dark look that will make your application look polished and different than the default OS look.
  • With just a few lines of code you can make your app look completely different.
  • The theme includes the most popular HDPI and MDPI sizes, and it scales nice to both LDPI and XHDPI.
  • Styled parts include: Button Check box Text Edit Radio Button Drop down Star On/Off Button Scroll bar Background Title Bar.

As a bonus we are including a really easy to use ActionBar that can be used on older devices.

Your Media Player Android Application :

 Your Media Player

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This application is a radio mp3 player that:

  • Plays mp3, ogg, wav, m3u playlist files
  • Allows you to create and save your own playlists
  • Allows you to read from m3u playlist
  • Allows you to search songs from your m3u playlist
  • Allows you to access folders and files from “sdcard”
  • You can shuffle, randomize

and others…

Android Gallery Component :

 Android Gallery Component

  • Android Gallery component will help you cut development time in half. Almost every application can have gallery inside. So this is the perfect module if you like stable gallery with a lot of cool stuff inside like “Set as Wallpaper”, “Download to SD card”

Screenshots | Purchase

Android Uploader for Amazon S3 :

 Android Uploader for Amazon S3

 Screenshots | Purchase

  • The Android Uploader for Amazon S3 provides code for a Service that uploads files to Amazon S3 buckets.
  • Developers can quickly add the upload component to their applications by following the included instructions.
  • Knowledge of Amazon S3 is required. You need to know basic S3 functionality, such as how to create buckets and bucket policies.

E-commerce Shop with PayPal Integration :

 E-commerce Shop with PayPal Integration

Screenshots | Purchase

  • This is a native app template for an e-commerce website that sells computer components. It covers how to build simple API using PHP and MySQL. From it you can login if you have already an account, register if you don’t have one, search a product, sort products after price ascending or descending, buy products with Paypal. The app it is communicating with a server through php/json from where:
  • It loads only 10 rows at a time that contains the products information stored on MySql database, so as we scroll at the bottom of the list will loads another 10 rows until the end of the query. All the data is loaded into a list and store it on your Android phone on a SQLite database for the moment we don’t have internet. This is almost like a pagination process.
  • It is adding new information for a new user or a new sale on MySql database.
  • It checks if a user exists. The password it is encrypted in sha256.

You can share it by sending an SMS or an e-mail to your friends.

Android Eclipse jQuery WebApp :

 Android Eclipse jQuery WebApp

Screenshots | Purchase

  • I know how hard it is to start an Android Native Web App and I spent days to figure out how all this works. This is especially for beginners and is very well documented.
  • Just spend 20 Minutes of time after installing the necessary Software and you are ready to launch your App
  • Creating an Native Web App for Android :  In this product you will find an easy to understand tutorial with copy and paste code, a native website demo which is not over kill  to new developers and the eclipse project folder.

Fun Match Memory Game With Google Ads :

 Fun Match Memory Game With Google Ads

Demo | Screenshots | Purchase

  • Build your android Fun Matching Game app in 5 minutes using Eclipse, ADT Plug-in and Android SDK .
  • This Game is complete solution, feel free to add your own images, customize and publish it by just cut and paste method!
  • Distribute free to android markets or earn considerable commission from Admob advertisements or even popularize any website as a channel of android device network marketing which enable you to add the extra income.
  • With the implementation of Sound Pool/Media player, toggle buttons, countdown timer and menu, you can totally change its look and feel for your own needs. Code is commented, so you’ll find it easy to make any desired changes.

Android Dynamic Form :

 Android Dynamic Form

  • This project is a dynamic form generator plugin. If you want to make a form with a lots of fields, you can use this plugin to make it easier. You just have to add your files in an xml file and define all their properties and it will be automatically validated when you push the Save button.

Screenshots | Purchase

Android Share Social Network Plugin :

 Android Share Social Network plugin

  • This project is a plugin for sharing on social network. It allows you to share on Facebook ,Twitter, email and SMS .

Screenshots | Purchase

Customizable Locker Screen

 Customizable Locker Screen

Screenshots | Purchase

  • This locker it is a workaround solution of replacing the android standard pattern locker without changing the build. Learn to:
  • Block home button.
  • Manipulate the hard keys.
  • Scan for android applications.
  • Create a permanently service.
  • Hide status bar.
  • Open applications.
  • Drag and drop.

and others… 

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