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Freelance Web Developers Jobs & Salary


Freelance web developers are people who are independent of larger organizations. They usually work for themselves as well as for various agencies and clients. They take on full projects from clients starting from designing the logo, website design, cutup, CMS integration, to finally structuring and launching the content. Freelance web developers will also do additional work aside from web development such as accounting, managing the projects and sales and marketing. Luckily, there is software available that helps web developers to properly manage their business. Some web developers usually focus on a particular web development skill such as cutup and design ... Read More »

Why You Need Freelance Management Software


As a freelancer, especially in the computer and technology industry, you should be prepared to have a rigid schedule every day. Unlike in the traditional work arrangement, you will not have to work longer hours than an average employee. However, it is only by putting in more time and effort in your work that you will be able to focus on your work and enjoy high productivity. Furthermore, this will ensure you get more pay by the end of your projects. However, you should know that freelancing allows you to choose your working hours and where you work from. The ... Read More »

Basics of Becoming a Freelance PHP Developer


PHP is a one of the most popular and easy to learn scripting language used by numerous websites. It is a scripting language used alongside with HTML to produce interactive pages and websites. Not only is PHP development easy to learn but there are also a lot PHP tutorials available on the internet. So if you are planning on becoming a freelance PHP developer, now is a good chance to start it. What is a freelance PHP developer? A PHP developer is the one who writes PHP codes to develop web applications. They may also design or create website lay ... Read More »

Killer Ways to Monetize Your WordPress Blog


Getting the cash from the deal Let’s be honest – lots of us are only in it for the money. Building and using a blog as a hobby is fun, to a certain extent, but most often we look for ways to earn money through blogging.  Using WordPress as a platform and gaining experience with it is also likely to give you lots of opportunities to earn your living expenses on the Internet.  You can find out more about that by reading below.  You can learn a lot about monetizing your WordPress blogs if you bother to read some of ... Read More »

Highly Effective Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners


Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners/ Newbies How To Start With It Correctly : If you have reached this article you most probably have heard the most basic thing about affiliate marketing – promoting others’ products for a percentage upon sale. However , to get into the details of affiliate marketing, you’ll probably find some of those affiliate marketing tips useful. So , as always let’s start with the basics – it all boils down to you promoting other people’s product, to get a percentage of the profit. But how would that happen ? The simple answer is that it is ... Read More »

Facebook Post Scheduling : How it works


Post scheduling :The new invaluable tool for page administrators For years , administrators of Facebook pages have been using third party tools like Buffer and HootSuit to enable scheduling of posts on Facebook. Apparently, the social media giant has learned a thing or two from these third party applications , and has decided to implement a default functionality for the same thing, in service of those who support Facebook pages. The tool made its entry in May 2012, and has been in active use ever since, because it provides something very necessary for running a successful Facebook promotion page. It ... Read More »

What is on page Optimization


What is on page optimization? Okay!lets come straight to the point.What is on page optimization? On page optimization is a way to optimize your page content for seo or for a better presense on search engines.So,what makes a particularly page better optimized .Here is the list of factors. Title tag H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6 Alt tag for images Meta description and Meta keywords Interlinking Keyword density Title tag : Title tag is the important tag for search engines as well as for your site users. Give title tag relevant to your content It reflects the content of your page. Always try to give a ... Read More »

Most Common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid


Most Common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid : Learning these early could help you in the long run: Practices in SEO change very rapidly, according to the new trends in search engines and the new findings in the field. However, there are certain things which will remain the same for a long time. If you mess up with some of these things, you’re guaranteed to experience lack of success at some point. To save you from that, we’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes in SEO and how to avoid them.  It’s amazing to some people that most ... Read More »

Effective keyword research : 3 steps to follow


Effective keyword research : As a new blogger you must have always wondered “how to find correct keyword for particular post “.You may have heard of keyword research.You may have heard lot of complicated terms like keywords relevance,keyword competition etc.Don’t think it’s really complicated actually its as simple as you choosing a movie to watch. Now first thing you need before starts is a keyword tool which provides you with the monthly searches for any keywords.I recommend you the free and most trusted : AdWords keywords tool by Google. AdWords keyword tool for keyword research : It’s simple!you have to ... Read More »

How To Find The Exact Match Keyword Competition


How To Find The Exact Match Keyword Competition: Learning what you’re struggling against: One of the main and most important things  you should worry about when deciding on keywords is not only whether there is enough volume of searches for that particular keyword, but is it worth the effort to compete against the other websites that already have content for this keyword. If we use a more number-based approach, that means we have to find some index , some figure to guide us. That is the Keyword Competition Index, and here we’re going to learn how to calculate it.  Particularly, ... Read More »

What is Article Marketing? Does it Really Help


What is Article Marketing? Does it Really Help: Unraveling the mystery of its effectiveness :  For those of you who don’t know, article marketing is defined as a technique that comprises of writing and distributing interesting content in the form of articles in order to achieve success in the field of sales, driving traffic and helping the standing of your page in search engines. Article marketing is based on several principles, which when examined , reveal that it has great potential for what it is intended. But whether it is really effective or not depends on the way you use ... Read More »

5 Killer Tips on How to Get Your Blog Noticed by Google


Noticed by Google means getting noticed by anyone else: Making a blog (or any type of site for that matter) search engine friendly is a direct goal for people who want to increase traffic to their website,  achieve a higher count of conversions (more sales ) or just become popular. Helping your blog become more easily noticed translates only into benefits for you, so it’s worth the effort. However, if you don’t know where to start, this article would be a good place.  It’s important to understand at this point that making your blog more noticed by Google means making ... Read More »