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5 Killer Tips on How to Get Your Blog Noticed by Google

Noticed by Google means getting noticed by anyone else:

Making a blog (or any type of site for that matter) search engine friendly is a direct goal for people who want to increase traffic to their website,  achieve a higher count of conversions (more sales ) or just become popular. Helping your blog become more easily noticed translates only into benefits for you, so it’s worth the effort. However, if you don’t know where to start, this article would be a good place. 

It’s important to understand at this point that making your blog more noticed by Google means making it better structured in a way that the crawler bots understand.  Search engines use little programs called crawlers or spiders to run through your content, categorize it and offer it to others who search for certain information. So the best way to get your blog noticed, is to structure it in a way the bots understand better.

1.     Utilize more text content

If you run a blog and you’ve particularly  bothered to make a theme that depends exclusively on images for the navigation menu, in terms of SEO, you have made a mistake. Images cannot be indexed, and it will be harder for Google to successfully crawl through your page.

In addition, do not use Flash all that much. It’s cool to have your site entirely in Flash … if you want never to be found by a search engine. Flash is a type of software that is compiled and run by your computer’s flash player. The thing is that Flash content means absolutely nothing to the Google crawlers, they have nothing to index when they find their way to your page. So make sure you either have text copies of what’s written in the Flash somewhere in your page, or dump the idea of using Flash altogether.

2.     Have optimized readable URLs:

A good URL structure has your blog post’s title converted into the URL, because it makes crawlers better identify what belongs where. A good URL system is almost sure to guarantee better success with search engines. In the past, it was difficult to do URL rewriting because you had to do all the hard stuff yourself. Nowadays , there are many plugins that offer that for WordPress and the other major blog services. Try using them to your advantage.

3.     Use XML sitemaps:

XML sitemaps are made so that you can give the information of your site’s structure directly to the search engine. Google’s webmaster tools support such a feature, and generating them is also easy, since there are several sites who offer to do it for you.

4.     Optimize the loading speed:

As per the latest updates, it was revealed that Page Loading Speed directly affects Google’s ranking process, because faster loading sites are deemed better to the user. Even if that wasn’t true, if your site loads faster, it will be more used and its link would be posted by your users to others. And as we all know – more backlinks means a better place in Google searches.

5.     Use SEO Friendly formatting:

Make it your priority to clearly define your title, to use <h1> , <h2> tags for headlines, because the crawler bots take them into consideration.

Having your blog do better in Google searches can only be good to you. So if you care enough for it, make it  your priority to make everything SEO friendly.


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