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Facebook Post Scheduling : How it works

Post scheduling :The new invaluable tool for page administrators

For years , administrators of Facebook pages have been using third party tools like Buffer and HootSuit to enable scheduling of posts on Facebook. Apparently, the social media giant has learned a thing or two from these third party applications , and has decided to implement a default functionality for the same thing, in service of those who support Facebook pages.

The tool made its entry in May 2012, and has been in active use ever since, because it provides something very necessary for running a successful Facebook promotion page. It is becoming a trend to use the Facebook page than the actual website for a certain product, service , company or famous person. In that regard , higher flexibility in terms of scheduling were necessary to become part of Facebook.

Without delay, let’s take a step by step guide to how we can schedule a Facebook:

  • Go to your Facebook page’s sharing tool.
  • Choose the type of post you want (Status, Photo/Video , Event/Milestone).
  • Type in your post like you would normally.
  • Click the clock icon in the lower-left corner of the sharing tool. Look close if you have to.
  • Here’s the scheduling dialog,  here you should choose a year, a day and an hour and minute for your post to be scheduled to. You can choose past dates, but we’ll explain the uses of that in a minute.
  • Click the Schedule button and you’re all set and ready.

A bit above we mentioned we could specify a past date. But unless time suddenly starts flowing backwards, there’s no way our post could ever be posted, so what gives ? Well, this functionality allows us to include our post in the timeline, by setting it a back date. Check it out and you’ll see that by browsing the page’s timeline, this post will be visible.

Applications of scheduling are immense for Facebook page administrators. They allow them to prepare specific posts in advance, and thus have a better response to other things the users might demand. It can be used to schedule regular posts that the page administrator wants to offer the fans of the page. Things like the daily news update, daily message, X Of The Day (band of the day, movie of the day, and so on, you get the point).

Now that you’ve learned how to schedule posts for your Facebook page, you too can use it to your advantage to create more engaging information for your visitors , even if you can’t be near the computer to post it at that time.  Facebook scheduling gives a tool to do the obviously necessary, and a way to do it easily.



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