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How To Find The Exact Match Keyword Competition

How To Find The Exact Match Keyword Competition:

Learning what you’re struggling against:

One of the main and most important things  you should worry about when deciding on keywords is not only whether there is enough volume of searches for that particular keyword, but is it worth the effort to compete against the other websites that already have content for this keyword. If we use a more number-based approach, that means we have to find some index , some figure to guide us. That is the Keyword Competition Index, and here we’re going to learn how to calculate it. 

Particularly, we’re going to discuss finding the Keyword Competition Index (KCI) for exact match keywords.  To clarify, let’s discuss the types of matching – there’s the broad keyword match, that means when we search for the keyword, we’ll get results which include it. Exact match means that we’ll get what we typed in the same order, with the phrase intact. For example “blue camaro” will return results with only this phrase, and not results with only “Camaro” or only “blue”.

That being said, if we find the competition for this exact keyword, we might use it to our advantage , to optimize for a keyword particular enough, that will drive more conversions if we drive it to the top ranks of the SERP (the result page).

So let’s get started:

  1. Go to the Google keyword tool (from AdWords > Tools > Keyword Tool) and search for your keyword.
  2. Select “exact match” on the left, in the Match Types menu
  3. You’ll get the monthly searches for that keyword. Multiply by 12 to get  the annual number
  4. Go to Google and search for your keyword, in quotation marks , this will guarantee searching for exact match
  5. Get the number under the search field that says ” About X pages” , where X is the number of all competitor pages
  6. Divide the annual searches by the number of competitor pages.

After doing the math, you’ll be left with your Keyword Competition Index, which for most common keywords has a value of 0.15 – 0.6. If it’s a number larger than one, this means there’s an opening for you – this keyword has a lot of searches for it, and not much competition. You can try to use that to your advantage.

Other useful tips to approximating your competition, aside from the Keyword Competition Index include manual examination of the top 10 results for your keyword. Are they pages hosted on popular platforms , like Squidoo or Hubpages ? Then you are not likely to have much trouble tackling them off the first places.

Use a backlink explorer to find out if they have lots of backlinks. The more backlinks they have, the harder it will be for you to contest for that position.

Knowing how to calculate competition will allow you to become better at contesting the top results for the given keyword. Good luck with that, and keep trying!


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