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Killer Ways to Monetize Your WordPress Blog

Getting the cash from the deal

Let’s be honest – lots of us are only in it for the money. Building and using a blog as a hobby is fun, to a certain extent, but most often we look for ways to earn money through blogging.  Using WordPress as a platform and gaining experience with it is also likely to give you lots of opportunities to earn your living expenses on the Internet.  You can find out more about that by reading below. 

You can learn a lot about monetizing your WordPress blogs if you bother to read some of the many resources written on it online. Depending on what you can do with WordPress, there are many ways to earn money in that field.  Let’s start the list :

Offer consultation and support services

Lots of people manage to do the initial install of WordPress, yet few can make their blog look like they imagine it without the help others. If you’re experienced with the platform ,you can offer advice and consultation for payment.

Develop paid plugins and themes

Some of the people who have earned most from WordPress-related products did earn it through selling their own proprietary plugins.  Be aware that this requires a high level of understanding, and  not many people succeed but those who do make big money out of it. Learn what users want, and code it right away – customers will eventually pay top dollar to get what you offer.

Monetize Niche Blogs with advertising and affiliate marketing

This is probably the most common method. The steps towards success are these:

  1. Get a blog.
  2. Write good content and get traffic.
  3. Install WordPress plugins that put AdSense or other advertising on your blog.
  4. “Harvest” the money you’ve made when your visitors click on the advertising.

Be aware that if you ask all your friends to click ,that wouldn’t actually do any good, since Google is pretty good at detecting such fraudulent activity.  But given enough visitors, you may actually get pretty good money out of it. The other option would be for you to promote products through affiliate marketing, and get a percentage of each successful sale of your product.

Both of the aforementioned options require you to have lots of visitors to your blog, which requires constant work and tireless optimization of your blog. Nevertheless , it’s a potential source of good income once you get the hang of it.

Having learned how to monetize your blog, you can try to reach the point where you get most of your money from your blog, online.

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