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Basics of Becoming a Freelance PHP Developer

PHP is a one of the most popular and easy to learn scripting language used by numerous websites. It is a scripting language used alongside with HTML to produce interactive pages and websites. Not only is PHP development easy to learn but there are also a lot PHP tutorials available on the internet. So if you are planning on becoming a freelance PHP developer, now is a good chance to start it.

What is a freelance PHP developer?

A PHP developer is the one who writes PHP codes to develop web applications. They may also design or create website lay outs, check and assess websites for technical issues, work with databases, or provide expert advice about a website. They are also able to work PHP coding with database query languages as well as HTML as these go hand in hand with PHP coding when trying to develop a website or website application.

Being a freelance PHP developer means you can work for different companies or people as opposed to working for just a single company. Being freelance also means you are willing to work without regular employment. You may work for different people with different PHP developing needs and may receive varied jobs which may come to you simple or complicated. You must have a wide experience with PHP development and advanced PHP development knowledge to deal with such cases.

A freelance PHP developer works for a particular project which may or may not be extended and also future projects from the company or employer is not guaranteed.

How much is the average pay for freelance PHP developer?

The average pay for a freelance PHP developer varies with some factors and would depend on the skill set, product output, and experience as well as turnaround time of the PHP developer on the projects they are assigned to.

If you are a new freelance PHP developer you can start or ask for a low salary which may range from $9 -$10 per hour. Other freelance PHP developers make more since they have a wider array of skillset, experience, excellent work output and fast turnaround time. Sometimes an experienced freelance PHP developer may earn $5,000 a month or even more.

What are needed to start a freelance PHP developing job?

Trusty Computer

Basically to start, you may need a trusty laptop or desktop computer. It does not need to be a high end type of computer but a durable computer is a must for your project undertakings which may last for many hours. A computer with high memory storage is also good as you may need to install programs you may need for work.

Hosting Account or Web Server

A hosting account or web server may also be required. A reseller shared hosting account is also fine if you are just starting and if you have low budget. This will be useful for easy promotion or vending of your services since you also offer to host your customers’ websites.

Right Skillset and Wide Knowledge on PHP Developing

In any job you do, you must possess the right skill set and knowledge to excel in your job. To be a freelance PHP developer, you are expected to have a background in web technologies like, HTML, XHTML, Javascript, CSS, SQL databases and C++.

Learn more and hone your skills by studying PHP tutorials or undergoing short-courses about PHP. These will come in handy when you are working on projects.

Places to Look for Jobs and/or Market Your Skills

There are several places on the internet where you can market your skills as a freelance PHP developer and/or look for a job or project you can start on.

Freelance Job Sites

This is the number one place you can start to market yourself with as well as apply for projects. You can start making your portfolio here so you can display your skills and outputs for potential employers to see. You can also apply for jobs here which vary from simple to complex PHP coding. For a start always make sure that you only get the jobs you can accurately finish to build up a good reputation and get good or excellent review from your employers. Bid for a fair amount or start low if you want to increase the chances of being chosen, just do not go too low regarding your payment so you would not at the least feel like on the losing end after working hard and being paid a meager payment.

Some of these online freelance job websites are,,, and (though fiverr only gives $5 for every job finished. Just make sure that the jobs you do will be worth $5 so you will not be underpaid)

Your Own Website or Facebook Fan Page

Since you are you are not employed by a company which collects clients by having a reputable name, you must start by making your own name known.

As you are dealing with websites, having your own website can be a good portfolio or sample to your potential clients. You can freely showcase your skills on your website or make it look like an interactive resume and portfolio, marketing your skills and projects done. This does not only look organized but it also looks professional. You can also add a blog on your website and write articles about some PHP tutorials or how a good and professional website may be beneficial to your potential clients. You will be able to showcase your skills in PHP coding and at the same time gain traffic and potential clients who may need your service.

Having a fan page to market yourself is also good as social networks are good sources of potential clients and employers.

Make sure that you have either one or both website and fan page so you can refer your clients and employers here.

How to Get More Customers

You can still get more clients aside from looking for jobs on freelance job websites. You can also start to check our companies with old websites which may need updating. You can offer them packages on the service you can provide to enhance the professionalism of their website and their marketability.
Being a freelance PHP developer is a good step especially for students of this field. Though there are many competitions already, you will do well as long as you have trained good and studied well. It may be difficult at first and you may feel rejected when you do not get hired on the jobs you applied to, but that is normal. Just have some patience and keep on trying, you will surely have the chance to prove yourself and what you can do.

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