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What is Article Marketing? Does it Really Help

What is Article Marketing? Does it Really Help:

Unraveling the mystery of its effectiveness :

 For those of you who don’t know, article marketing is defined as a technique that comprises of writing and distributing interesting content in the form of articles in order to achieve success in the field of sales, driving traffic and helping the standing of your page in search engines. Article marketing is based on several principles, which when examined , reveal that it has great potential for what it is intended. But whether it is really effective or not depends on the way you use this technique. 

In last article we have explained what is social bookmarking and how it is useful in SEO.

From a marketing standpoint, article marketing is really a good idea – it’s non-interruptive, which means that unlike advertising, it doesn’t intrude on the user’s personal interests. The user actively searches for the information, which is presented to them in the article.  It can even develop certain interests and moods in the readers, which is also really convenient.

Article marketing is also big in the field of Search Engine Optimization (or SEO), because there are ways to improve the site’s backlink profile by submitting interesting articles with a link to the site which is optimized.

Then why do some people claim article marketing is dead ?

When done improperly, article marketing can’t achieve even half of what it is intended to do. Improper usage of article marketing is basically the attempt to abuse the system by overdoing the use of articles. Too many articles become too bland and tasteless,  and when articles no longer supply the reader with what he was looking for, they don’t seem to do the trick. That’s why some people claim it doesn’t work, when in fact , they’re just doing it wrong.

In the field of SEO , article marketing is sometimes called useless, because due to the Penguin Google update,  the old tactic of posting articles to a maximum of 10 article sites no longer provides any good ranking for the target sites. But articles themselves can be used a lot better on other websites and sources, thus bringing them back in business to improve a site’s backlink profile.

Article Marketing Websites :

When you will browse you will get the list 100s of sites. Here we are mentioning just some top websites where you will definitely get back what for you are looking.

  1. : No follow links but if your article get famous, you will get targeted  thousands of traffic .

How to do good article marketing :

If you strive to follow these tips, you might end up with a better functioning article marketing campaign:

  • Focus on having articles with interesting titles. Even the best article will remain unopened if it doesn’t contain anything interesting in the title. That goes for SEO article marketing too – make sure to include your keywords in the title.
  • Try making articles with how-to information and other tutorials or guides. These are most often searched for, and if you manage to provide an answer to the user’s question, your article could be shared by them.
  • This is especially for SEOs – don’t make the article only for the search engine. If you make it easily readable and well-formatted for users, they’ll make sure to share it and give it link juice. That’s what you need.

In conclusion – article marketing is not dead, you just need to do it properly if you expect to have any results.


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