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Highly Effective Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners/ Newbies

How To Start With It Correctly :

If you have reached this article you most probably have heard the most basic thing about affiliate marketing – promoting others’ products for a percentage upon sale. However , to get into the details of affiliate marketing, you’ll probably find some of those affiliate marketing tips useful.

So , as always let’s start with the basics – it all boils down to you promoting other people’s product, to get a percentage of the profit. But how would that happen ? The simple answer is that it is most often tracked by the link parameters via which the users visit the site. These tell the site that they’re users that you forwarded there, and you deserve the profit. This is profitable not only for you, but for your retailer (the person to whom you’re forwarding the people) since they get all the attention, while you get duly paid for each real customer they have. Starting in affiliate marketing is done in several important steps.

Finding the right product and Right Audience :

This is probably the lynchpin of your plan. Without an audience, you can’t possibly promote anything – there needs to be a way for you to spread information over the Internet  – be it a blog, a profile on a social network, some article site, or really anything where you can post a link and expect others to see it.

Choosing a product should be done accordingly – you can’t expect people on a weightlifter’s site to be interested in corporate insurance, for example. You need to pick the product you’re going to promote according to the audience you have at hand. Also – be careful not to advertise any obviously too cheap or low quality products, since the only thing that can do is harm the reputation of your blog, or any medium you actually use.

Back to the decision on what your medium should be, these are the most common options:

  • A blog of your own. This blog should have interesting content , in order for it to have lots of visitors, which are potential customers for the product which you’re promoting
  • Article sites and directories – these are not as frequently used, but offer an easier way to submit content and forward users to something they need
  • Social media  and social networks – lots of friends and contacts on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media mean that the links you what you’re promoting will be seen by a lot of people. Thus the percentage of your profit may increase.
  • Join forums , particularly such of the niche of the product you’re promoting. That way you’ll ensure that it will be seen by interested parties, if you include a link to your signature – that would be best, because people will click it out of curiosity, and may as well become potential buyers.

Contacting a retailer and becoming a publisher :

The simplest way of doing that would be through sites made for that purpose. Some of those sites offer to be the intermediary between you and people who want their wares promoted. Most big online stores like Ebay or Amazon have their own affiliate programs, but otherwise you can check ClickBank or Commission Junction. The other alternative would be if you search in Google, in this format “your product  + Affiliate Marketing ” or “your product + Become an Affiliate”

Affiliate marketing will generate a lot of revenue, if you’re a person who can take advantage of all the benefits and advantages of the modern-day internet society, as well as if you’re a good salesman and know how to offer your retailer’s wares in a way that will make others interested and intrigue.  With enough enthusiasm and a strong will to learn, you can start raking a profit from doing affiliate marketing.


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  1. I started blogging on June 2012 (only two and a half month ago). I find it almost impossible to assimilate all the information available. The first hurdle is to separate the garbage from the quality writing. Then, after finding a few good mentor, concentrating on one at the time. Finally, the question comes…How to monetize my effort.

    This article gave me a clear idea of how to start the monetizing process. Thank you so much for making this resources available to all of us.

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