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Smart Ways to Make Money With WordPress

How the Web, Blogging and Moneymaking Intertwine

Not so long ago if you’d mention “making money on the internet”, people would look at you funny. Now not only is it more popular to try to make a living that way, it’s also becoming a tad bit harder because there are many, many people doing it. Yet nothing is as hard as it looks if you make an effort to familiarize yourself with the tricks and snippets of your particular field. This article will give you some beginner’s tips on making money with one of the most popular platforms – WordPress.

If you’ve reached this particular post, it’s very likely that you already know that WordPress is the leading software platform behind millions of blogs and sites from all around the Web. When most of you hear about making money with WordPress, they assume we’re talking about opening a blog/site and drawing your revenue from there. That’s not really the only way to do it, though. So what are the others ?

Making proprietary themes

Lots of themes for WordPress are openly available from the community’s website. However, if you’re a good designer and you have what it takes to create eye-pleasing themes, you can try making  them and selling them. Most businesses are ready to buy a theme, if that means they’ll have a somewhat unique design that stands out from the rest. You can also try making designs on demand, if you can find your own customers – just the knowledge of WordPress themes and how they work will put you at an advantage on the market. Another good idea would be freelancing – lots of people post work for WordPress designers on specific websites. As I am writing this, there are 265 WordPress projects open on, all there for the taking of knowledgeable and motivated people.

Making plugins and widgets

For those of you who are on the other side of the spectrum, doing better with the code and math, rather than design and style, writing plugins could sound more tempting.  With the increasing demand for software with very particular functionality, proprietary plugins and widgets could help you earn lots of money, little by little. You don’t even have to set the prices high, if your product has a high demand. You can also release a freeware version and a Pro version with extended functionality. Lots of plugins do this – All  in one  SEO, for example, follows that logic.

Making money through blogging

If you’re neither good with design, nor software,  a field where you would potentially grow  a good business is blogging. WordPress has proven its worth for bloggers all over the world, and all you need,  is good content that will get you your audience – lots of traffic and website visitors. From there, your way of monetizing the traffic can be different:

  1. You can put Google AdSense on your blog and accumulate money through advertising.  There are many ways to integrate AdSense to your blog, manually or with WordPress plugins, and lots of tutorials cover the topic
  2. You can try affiliate marketing – this consists of posting a link to a product, and getting a percentage upon a successful sale directed by your link.
  3. If you have a really popular blog, you can hope for a deal with  some company, to do a review of their product. Sometimes they even provide the product free of charge. Imagine holding the latest, most perky gadget in your hands and writing a review about it. The best part is – they’re paying you to do it! Very few people have that luck, but then again, maybe you will …

There are probably even more ways to make money with WordPress, but these are the first that come to mind. If you’re into WordPress and feel like you know it’s ever tiny detail , don’t be too shy to try making money with it.


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