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How To Increase Facebook Fans And Likes To Your Page

How To Increase Facebook Fans And Likes To Your Page :

Driving Popularity In Your Direction:

What probably got you to this post was your dissatisfaction with the way your Facebook page. There probably is a way to remedy that, but that still doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong. It’s sometimes the basics that elude us, and sometimes it something that was far beyond the reach of our minds. But, as proud examples of our common human race, we’ll share the knowledge. Don’t expect magical solutions, but it’s likely that the advice below will give you some improvement.

how to increase facebook likes

Compared to Twitter, driving a Facebook page to popularity seems like a harder task. Compared to Twitter’s 140 characters per tweet, Facebook pages look like clumsy giants. But still, the conceptual differences in a Facebook fan page could also give us an advantage. In a certain way, we’re comparing apples and oranges – Facebook Pages are the placeholder for the information, not the bit of information itself, so they cannot and shouldn’t be compared to the tweets. So, what can we do for more fans and more likes ?

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Post a status update:

Let people know by doing a status update. This hardly needs much clarification, since it’s probably the first thing you did after creating the page, but it’s still worth mentioning it, if nothing else , just to motivate the people who think that wouldn’t be of use.

Get involved with related groups:

Here’s your chance to find “compatriots” to your battle. If your page is about a business, look for similar, yet not strictly competitor businesses. If  you’re an SEO agency, get in touch with a web design group. If your page is about protecting animal rights, write to a dog and/or cat lover group. Beside the original point of socializing, it’s worth to mention that if a link is shared with a group, the users in the group get notified via e-mail. That means a more certain way of your content reaching others, which in turn may result in more likes, and more fans.

Buttons! Buttons everywhere!

Add ’Like’ buttons to your pages, on all websites related to your Facebook page. You wouldn’t want to miss on that opportunity. The convenience of buttons has allowed users to show support to something they like, it’s like a silent “thank you” note.  So if you’ve accomplished something on your page, why not let people appreciate it, by giving them a convenient button ? There’s lots of software that generates the like buttons for any platform,  as well as ‘Share’ buttons which will make spreading interesting information even easier.

There is a way to force people to click the ‘Like button’, by hiding content to them until they like your page. That is not a recommended practice for those of you who are worried about your appearance. After all, we’re doing our best to collect a higher number of likes so we can look better, what’s the point of having a higher number, if we’re going to be seen as the rude people who bully others into liking their page to see the content ?

Use the suggest feature :

Suggesting a page is a great feature for getting exposure, and while it’s good to be done sometimes, try not to overdo it.  Many people will rather start noticing you as a nuisance , and that’s not the kind of attitude that gets you the likes and fans you’d want.

List your page as a place of employment :

If it’s one of the things you’re very passionate about, it helps listing your page as your place of employment. First – it gets you more exposure through people who are interested in your profile rather than that of your page. Second – that leaves people with the impression that you’re working for a good , reputable business, even if you’re a one-man company. So don’t hesitate to pull that stunt.

Promote :

Promote everywhere you see fit – in your profiles in other social networks. On the newsletter you send each of the subscribers on your website. You can even add it as part of your signature in your personal email correspondence. Some even take it as far as writing their Facebook page on their business card. The logic here should be “the more the merrier”.  Put a link or a name, anywhere that fits. Hopefully that will yield some likes and fans in future.

After we’ve shared some tips on how to improve your ‘Likes’ and ‘Fans’ count, it’s good to point out none of these figures mean anything if they’re achieved unrealistically. So to all of you out there who are thinking of buying them, consider thinking about it. Good luck with getting more likes.


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