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Tips To Convert Maximum Mobile visitors to Your Email List

Tips To Convert Maximum Mobile visitors to Your Email List :

The actual difficulty and how to deal with it :

One might wonder for a second – what difference does it make whether the visitors are mobile or desktop users, when it comes to email lists and subscriptions ?  There are many differences between mobile sites and desktop ones, just as there are many different ways people browse according to the device they’re using. But what does any of that have to do with the email list ? You’ll learn below. 

The root of the problems stems from the fact that  in order to avoid the frustration of the user, designers start adopting a paradigm called Responsive Website Design. The main point behind this concept is that sites should be optimally readable by the device used to browse them. With this knowledge in mind, let’s examine the issue with mailing lists.

The Problem :

Using the aforementioned Responsive Web Design concepts, designers change the way blogs look on mobile devices. On a desktop machine, the sidebar is always present, and that’s most often where the “Subscribe” form lies. When using a mobile device, the sidebar is either purposefully hidden in order to show the main column better,  or just out of sight because the user has zoomed in to read the otherwise unreadable text.

In this “out of sight, out of mind” situation , all of your mobile users wouldn’t even know they can subscribe, even if they’ll be willing otherwise. This is where it starts, and this is what we must overcome in order to increase our mailing list users on mobile devices.

How to treat the problem?

Treating the problem consists of finding a way to add the “Subscribe”  button or form in a place where your mobile visitors will see it. This requires either a certain degree of understanding the code, or finding a particular plugin or ready solution.

Some people recommend a classical, yet very repetitive manual solution which consists of these steps:

  • Identify the subscribe form on your site. Ask an expert if you can’t find it easily , but keep in mind, if it’s in the sidebar, it’s the sidebar’s source file you should look for.
  • Copy the code to an HTML file, and upload a separate page for subscribing. Make it have a short URL that could even be remembered. Like
  • At the end of every page or post, ask visitors to subscribe by linking them to this page.

This workaround is known as the “call to arms”.  Aside from solving our initial problem, some people think it’s better because you can write the “call to arms” according to the post it’s in, and thus have a better psychological impact on your visitors.

A “call to arms” should be written imperatively, as this has better effect for people subscribing. To illustrate this, it’s one thing to say “You can join the army if you want” and it’s another to say “ I want YOU to join the army”, like the classic poster says.  So make sure your “call to arms” sounds more imperative to the user, something like “Subscribe Now!”

Of course, the call to arms is not the only way (albeit being the easier one) to get users to subscribe. You can edit your template to include the subscription form or button, or you can use plugins that make your site compatible for mobile phones, while still keeping the subscription functionality visible. Frankly, it’s up to you to decide which one solves the problem in your case. Just keep in mind that if you do fix this problem ,you’ll have more subscribers, and that is essential for email marketing.

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