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Top 5 Successful Twitter Marketing Strategies

Top 5 Successful  Twitter Marketing Strategies :

Unleashing the Avalanche of Retweets :


No one can dare to dispute the enormous effects “going viral” would have for the traffic and reputation of your site. Sometimes one such event can generate the traffic months of regular updates and careful content picking couldn’t. But that’s why many of us feel incredibly lucky when we “hit the mother load” – it doesn’t happen as often as we’d wish it did. End even though there isn’t a fixed formula for it, there are some things that have empirically shown to be successful in getting content viral via Twitter. That’s what we’re here to discuss now. 

It’s Twitter’s essence to keep things to the point. Having 140 characters per tweet, we need to post only the most important. That’s a benefit and a drawback at the same time , because while we can’t include many details, we’re forced, in one way or another, to keep the tweet at a length at which many people would actually read it, instead of skipping it because it’s so long. Still, a person should be very careful about what they put on the tweet, and that’s what we’re going to discuss in the tips below.

Ask and you shall receive … retweets :

As crazy as it might sound, the proverb above is actually true for retweets. Statistically speaking , more retweeting occurs if the word “please” is present in the message. To some of you this might look like begging, but it’s actually a good idea. Appeal to people’s sympathetic side, they’ve faced rejection in their tweeting , so they feel they should help you by spreading the word, even if your content is not their cup of tea. This is one of the important tips in starting the snowball which would become your avalanche of tweets.

Ask friends for help :

Not like spam, of course. Just two or three friends who find your content useful, but might have not noticed it if it wasn’t for your reminder. These will help expand the audience beyond your own followers list. It might not seem like much, but think of it this way – if you have 200 followers, with 4 friends who also have the same number, you’ll have a 1000. If chance would have it , many more will retweet your message for its value.

Timing is crucial :

More often than not , people underestimate the time when they’re tweeting something they want to get popular. Take note of the time zone your audience resides in – posting England related content when it’s 2 AM in England on a weekday is obviously not the way to go. Also , research shows that people are most active about tweeting on the first days of the week – from Monday to Wednesday. Knowing how the first days at work are , that’s not even something surprising. Keep that in mind next time you’ve figured you want to cause a commotion with your tweet.

Last but not least – content and topics :

“Content is king”,  goes the old proverb, but telling you that wouldn’t make that much of a difference, since it’s common sense that people would be interested in something which is, well … interesting. On the other hand, some good advice would be to tell you what topics are most captivating at first sight. There’s a reason you see too many of those on the Internet, and it’s because they really serve the purpose of “baiting” users :

  • How-To Guides, Tutorials and instructional articles
  • News, especially breaking news
  • Controversy and non-popular opinions
  • Lists – think like “5 Reasons To Jog Every Day”
  • Titles starting with shocking statistics

It’s actually not something new – newspapers have been doing it for centuries to make people buy their own edition. So why shouldn’t you ?

To sum things up, it’s not always certain that something would go viral, but you can at least make an effort for it to become a lot more popular if you try representing it in an attractive and interesting light.



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