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Practical Tips For Increasing Pinterest Followers

Practical Tips For Increasing Pinterest Followers:

Get popular in Pinterest … the right way :


With its innovative concept, Pinterest has become a major player in the social network scene, acquiring millions of regular visitors that keep scrolling and pinning every day. And where some see entertainment, others see business opportunity. Increasing your Pinterest followers means little or nothing to the individual who only likes to browse and pin, but it’s essential if you want to have a Pinterest campaign for your product. In this article we’ll explore the idea of getting more followers on Pinterest. 

You’re probably aware of the way Pinterest functions already, and you need to gain more followers because this is the way your product or even entire business fill find the fresh clients it needs. Using Pinterest as a way of finding potential clients can do you lots of favors, but for that you’d need lots of followers.

So without further ado, here are some tips to help you:

Organize into boards and keep pinning :

Pinterest offers you the ability to create separate pin boards , and to segregate content with other content relevant to it. In that way, when you repin certain pictures or products, people will see only what is relevant to them, and that increases the chance of them following you. Good organization is something very important for your success in getting followers on Pinterest.

Link your Pinterest to Facebook :

This is a very strategic move , since it improves the chance of getting people who never even heard of Pinterest to join it. And what happens when these people have no idea who to follow initially? They’ll follow you, and  you’ll reap the benefits of integrating your profiles. It’s easy and can be done for not more than two minutes, so think about it.

Comment more :

What better way for others to notice you than to actually write something they can associate with. Don’t be shy and share your opinions on various subjects. That way you’ll probably be liked by lots and you’ll get their attention, increasing the chance of them following you. Don’t be rampant about it, though!  And try not to add meaningless information in your comments.

Use Pinterest’s full features :

Sit down and explore how Pinterest is different from other social networks, what more it offers, and then use that to your advantage. This certainly gets the attention of people who are newbies, and will look up to you for doing such “awesome things” on Pinterest.

Pinterest may be very different from Facebook or Twitter, but what’s crucial here is to remember the basic idea that to be popular in social networks, you need participation. So go and participate, even  better, contribute to the community. It will surely pay back later.


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