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Protect Your WodPress Blog From Spam Comments With These Easy Tips

Protect Your WordPress Blog From Spam Comments With These Easy Tips :

Filtering out axiomatized spam:

I think it’s clear that keeping spam comments should be a top priority if one wants to have a reputable looking blog. Most people associate spam comments with third-rate scam sites, and their toleration is a sign that the administrator doesn’t care enough for their blog. But if you’re clogged by the swarm of spam bots out there, you have to take some measures that are better that simply seeing and removing comments. Find out more about that below. 

Administrator approved comments :

This is an old technique, and it is in fact the best you can get,  if you want to filter out all sorts of spam. There’s nothing like manual detection – machines can make mistakes in finding out whether or not a comment is spam or not, but humans are pretty good at their judgment. The only problem with that is the fact that few users would want to actually wait for their comment to appear. This tactic has proven to drive many commenters away, and in some way it resembles dictatorship. It’s like saying you’re the only one who decides what goes and what not. Which brings us to the other forms of spam protection.

Anti-spam plugins :

I can bet that you’ve seen many of these. They rely, in one way or the other,  on the necessity of providing answers to certain questions. These answers verify that you’re human, and as such ,allow you to comment on anything. These can be all sorts of CAPTCHA, custom fields or programs that filter spam post-comments and allow you to delete it.

Let’s examine the most popular plugins:

  • Askismet – this plugin comes by default with WordPress. Which  doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be activated by you after the installation. It is one of the best spam filters available for WordPress and many users report using it as the only spam countermeasure on their blogs.
  • Conditional CAPTCHA –  a plugin that works alongside Askismet and triggers a small CAPTCHA field after spam-worthy content is found in the comment field.  That could be links of any sort,  words which are commonly associated with spam, and repetitive messages that  are often used in promotion.
  • Math Comment Spam Protection – this plugin gives you a simple equation to solve , instead of a CAPTCHA. For those of you who prefer 3+7 = ? , this is the perfect plugin.

There are other anti-spam plugins as well, but these cover all your basic needs for protection against spam. Use your wits, and keep your blog free from the scourge of spammers.


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