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Image Resizing With PHP –Really Simple Tips


A very simple way of resizing your images: Even though PHP is a web programming language, there are lots of libraries developed that don’t strictly deal with web functionality – there are compression libraries, image processing libraries, as well as a plethora of others.  I’m saying that to remind you that there is no need to reinvent the wheel. In this day and age, given the Internet, one could very easily find a solution to their problem, or even several of them, and pick out the easiest and most convenient one after that.  PHP is an object oriented language, which ... Read More »

15 Useful Widgets and Scripts for Blogger


Widgets are of great use for blogging with WordPress of Blogger.They make blogging really really easier .They can be used interactively and can be proved useful.We are presenting you with 15 most useful widgets and scripts for blogger.If you have some other please add your valuable feedback. Below are widgets that can be easily installed by blogger widgets installer. Recent Comments List : Comments can really be useful for users to judge the content you have written or the reputation of your blog.This widgets helps you to add recent comments with lots of valuable options such as no of comments ... Read More »

What Exactly is Responsive Web Design ?

Responsive Web Design

What Exactly is Responsive Web Design? Or how the ability to scale things has become more important than ever Some designers remember the “good old days” when only one version of a website had to be done, for only one type of device. There were still many different browsers to make their work hard, but getting around that seemed way simpler than dealing with mobile browsers. But designers who aren’t so narrow sighted know that learning how to design for mobile is a great advantage nowadays. And that’s exactly what Responsive Web Design (RWB) is all about. So in the ... Read More »

SEO Tips for Dynamic Websites


SEO Tips for Dynamic Websites : The Many Pitfalls of Dynamic Sites And Optimizing For Them : One might wonder with all those dynamic websites, and the shear impracticality of static websites , why hasn’t this issue still been solved ? The truth is that many search engines have already tried to improve support for dynamic websites, but the problem is hard to tackle. And in the meantime, those who find a way to optimize their dynamic site have an advantage of those who don’t. Which in practice means that having an optimized dynamic website could make you more profitable ... Read More »

Simplest way to Add tweet Button anywhere to your Blog


Tweet from wherever you choose : This is probably one of the most often asked questions around the Internet. It has become not only popular, but rather necessary to have a tweet button, along with a Facebook Like button somewhere on your site. Social media is something everyone uses nowadays, and you’ll be considered backward minded if you don’t include shortcuts to sharing on your website. Having that in mind, we’ll examine the ways to insert a Twitter button on your website. When the time comes to add the social media buttons, there are several ways to do it, complicated ... Read More »

10 of the Best CSS3 Code Generators


I have rose-tinted memories of CSS2.1. Rounded corners may have caused hours of Photoshopping grief, but it was simple. Most developers could recall the few dozen properties without referring to reference books every two minutes. CSS3 changes everything. There are 116 new properties* with multiple vendor prefixes and different syntaxes. No one could be expect you to memorize everything. Fortunately, there are a number on free online tools which will help you create modern CSS3 code to cut and paste into your stylesheets… CSS 3.0 Maker CSS 3.0 Maker is a fabulous tool. You can define box radii, gradients, text ... Read More »