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Online Hex Color Code Generator for Free

Hexadecimal Colors are primary requirement for creating your site and by using online generator tools given here you can create Free Hex Color Codes for your website or software applications.

What is Hex Color Codes ?

Its nothing but 6 digit hexadecimal numbers required by almost all the software and web designing tools. Each of this code represents the primary colors like Red, Blue, Green so called as RGB along with Brightness, Hue, Saturation. For Example Black Color has the hex code of (#000000) and contains RGB (0,0,0) and also have no Brightness, Hue and Saturation. Similarly White color have hex code of #FFFFFF and have Maximum RGB level of 255,255,255 along with 100% Brightness and 0% Hue and Saturation.

Use of Hex Color Codes :-

Now you must be thinking that after getting the code what I should do and where to apply same. Actually its used by wide ranges of application. You can use to create your website background, borders, text, to set title and font color and even you can use it for your Google Adsense code to set the border, link and text color or you can also use for Creating WordPress Plugin.

How to Generator Hex Color Codes :-

After getting details about the hexadecimal number and its usage now you must be looking for the online application or tools which can generate it for you. Just visit the link at and enter the Portion of Red, Green and Blue color along with setting of Brightness, Saturation and Hue to generate appropriate hex number. Or you can create same by selecting the colors from the online color chart given on same url. Once you get your choice of code simply copy and paste it at whatever place you want. Please make sure to have # sign before your HEXA Code otherwise you might get error or warning message or have different color.

We already write an article about CCS Code Generator which you can use and apply along with this trick to create mobile friendly website in your wordpress or blogger platform.

If you want to use same Hex Color Code in your Adsense then you have to login to your account and then under create ad unit just select the size from  728×90, 336×280, 300×250 or 160×600 and many others. But I would prefer to have this size since they are giving high CTR for almost every niche. Now at the time of Selecting border and text color just use the Hexadecimal code you generated previously. Make sure that your Ad units have almost same color as your site to increase your earning.

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