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5 Proved Techniques for “Psychological Sales”

Techniques for Psychological Sales:

Psychology, in its essence, is a science that has set a goal to familiarize itself with the thought process of people – the individual steps we take when our mind does what it does.  As such a science, psychology has tried to explain lots of the things we do –how we feel sadness, happiness, love or other emotions. But that’s not what we’re here to discuss, because there is another vital thing that psychology has explored – psychological sales.

Shopping, whether it is in real life stores, or on the Internet, whether it’s for a product or a service, or just “selling” a mere idea,  is something most of us enjoy to do. When we shop, however, we are guided by lots of things. Those are very important for any expert that wants to do psychological selling , or sales based on how the ordinary person thinks.

Furthermore, here are some of the basic things you should know , if you want to be knowledgeable in psychology of sales:

Understand buyers emotions :

  • As much as we hate to admit it, to be successful in employing psychological selling , one has to rely on people’s emotions. Emotions make us take spontaneous decisions, and buying can be one of those decisions. A good salesman should try to get an emotional response from the person.

Trust Plays an important role :

  • Trust is also a vital factor in psychological sales.  Most customers are generally mistrusting and skeptical of salesmen. Many ignorant salesmen in the past have tricked people, and now they are naturally wary of them. Building a trustful relationship with the client is almost sure to yield better sales.

Present your product properly :

  • Provide as much facts to the clients about your product, even if they don’t seem to understand them completely.  This serves two purposes – good characteristics of your product will help your client pick it from the rest, after comparing, and  also it means you as a salesman have nothing to hide.  For example, a picture of a shiny phone might grab the person’s attention at first, but its list of features will do the actual sales when the customer decides between different phones. This is very important if you want to use psychological sales.

Give Demonstrations :

  • Provide the customer with many demonstrations. It is often nowadays that we buy things for which there are more uses than we think. If you do sales face-to-face with the person, be sure to show them how it works, what it looks like, let them hold your product. Show them how your service works, if you’re selling a service. If you’re selling via websites – put as many pictures or screenshots. This is vital to psychological selling since it plays a part in making the customer more convinced in what they’re buying, after seeing it in use.

Identify the buyer’s need :

  • When doing sales, you should estimate the person, or if necessary, ask a lot of more questions to make sure you’re offering them the right product. As with anything, when shopping, people think “Do I have any use for that ? “. So again, if you’re doing face-to-face sales, offer the customer something you’ve made sure is more appropriate for them.If you’re selling through a site, describe your product meticulously , and try to cover as many groups of people which it’s suitable for.

It essence, these are the most important things a person should remember about psychological sales , though there are many more things, they’re basically derived from the points made above. Being aware how to do psychological sales will enable you to more easily reach your target market, which is vital for any sales person.



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