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How to Recover Lost Contacts from Samsung Galaxy

How to Recover Lost Contacts from Samsung Galaxy

Samsung galaxy smartphone series become popular in very less time spam getting tag of best android phone. Samsung gets big boost because of tremendous galaxy smart phone series.  Samsung  S5 released in 2014 was being considered as iPhone 6 rival. Even in US market, Samsung is getting a lot of attention. Samsung galaxy phones come with lot of advanced options which make phone very productive. Samsung galaxy S6 will be released in 2015. Sources believes that it will cost less than S5. Lets consider you have bought your beautiful Samsung galaxy phone. You complete your all necessary settings and add ... Read More »

Top 5 Websites To Buy Best Electronics Items

Buy Best Electronics Items

E-commerce websites are booming and credit goes to changing trends of online shopping. Today almost every product is available online and at much cheaper rates. From clothing to Laptops, Furniture to refrigerator you can buy everything online. Online shopping has many benefits. By shopping online you save yourself lot of time, money in the form of coupon codes and you get more choices to get the product at best price. Most amazing feature of online shopping is you get the product at your doorsteps. This article is guide on buying Electronics items. With ongoing cricket World cup and upcoming IPL there ... Read More »

10 Most Decorous WooCommerce Themes for 2015

WooCommerce Themes for 2015

Internet and its utilities have dramatically improved in the past few years. It has amazingly revolutionized businesses across the globe. It includes, tech giant enterprises, education, eCommerce and so forth. From brick and mortar stores to e-stores, online traders have traveled a great distance while reaping the utile benefits of the remarkable developments in the mobile and web realm. And, CMS has amazingly leveraged eCommerce businesses by offering a secure and powerful platform. Indubitably, WooCommerce is an ultimate plugin that empowers a WordPress-enabled website to function as an efficient eCommerce site. For the folks who want to run an attractive ... Read More »

A Definitive Guide To CSS Shapes

Guide To CSS Shapes

Web designers are no more restricted to the square and rectangular shapes only. The evolving CSS specification will dramatically change the scenario and will offer flexibility to the web designers to design anything with CSS Shapes. With the virtue of CSS Shapes, web developers can generate custom paths in the form of polygons, circles and other shapes. Thus, the content now can be wrapped in ellipses and circles, rather than being limited to the rectangles only. One can define shapes, either by deriving it from images or creating them manually. Let’s delve deep into the topic.  CSS Shapes: A Foreword ... Read More »

Adding Responsive AdSense Ads to WordPress – The Why and How Of It?

Responsive AdSense Ads

Observing the rate at which people are becoming largely dependent on mobile devices to access the web, the one thing that site owners need to focus upon is, how they can make their site adjust to the varied screen sizes and resolutions. However, with so many new devices and platforms getting developed each day, making your website responsive on all of the OS platforms won’t be possible, or at least seems to be impractical. But, you can definitely make your responsive design work well when accessed on most popular platforms. When it comes to creating responsive sites, there are several ... Read More »

Protect Yourself From Making Bad Choices While Developing WP Themes

Jetpack Custom CSS

A lot of fuss is being made quite lately about as how the “color accent” feature has got removed from the Twenty Fourteen WordPress theme. The feature was quite helpful as it allowed theme developers to pick up light colors by personalizing the look and feel of the theme completely. But the option does not exist any more, probably because it also persuaded users to make poor color choices, especially when they have to select very light colors and contrasts. Further, it also added a lot of inline CSS, which isn’t a good practice to follow. While developing a WordPress ... Read More »

What Makes A Sales Generating Landing Page

What Makes A Sales Generating Landing Page

Regardless of whether you own a blogging website, portfolio, e-commerce or anything that matters, we all want to attract our users attention and make sure that we have a positive conversion rate. There seems to be shortage of advices or guidelines of what makes a website successful in terms of generating leads. What key strategies to follow to keep customers returning and entice them to sign up. However, the good news is that if not all, you can actually follow some basic rules of thumb or small adjustments that can really make your site functional and full of impact. In ... Read More »

Effective Steps To Increase Google Page Rank


Improving your blog’s position in search engines If you’ve had even one conversation with someone who is into Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then you’ve probably heard the term Page Rank.  A site’s Page Rank is a number between 0 and 10, and basically denotes how much time Google is willing to spend in indexing your site, and whether or not it will favor it when displaying results for particular searches that are present on your site.  Page Rank is actually named after Larry Page, one of  the two people that initially started Google. And Pager Rank is not only the ... Read More »

Important tips while Getting the Commercial Property


In today’s modern time, the commercial real estate is something that can help you to get lots of profits and it can also improve your wealth by significant numbers. Still, there is not possible that people going on this line will achieve the success in their dealings. The success of the people being involved in this line of business also depends on how much investment and stake they have with them. The location of the land also appears when it comes to selling the commercial space to the companies. Before investing the money in this line of business, people should ... Read More »

Ways to Find Premium WP themes on Lower Cost


WP aka WordPress is not blogging software anymore but it evolved itself to be the most powerful CMS system that people can use to build their professional websites and engage with their targeted audience. There are tons of websites from where you will get free WordPress themes 2015 in order to get started but if you are serious about your business and want to come up with a website that actually engages users and allows them to keep coming back to your website then you probably need to go a little further. There are multiple options once you decide to ... Read More »

Check Out These Creative & Innovative Ways To Market Your Products

good go

One of the biggest bugbears for any business is marketing. It’s a word that means you must spend a lot of money. That money gets used for telling people who you are and why your products and services will help solve their problems. Of course, there are right ways and wrong ways to market your business. Most of the time it’s a case of trial and error to see what works for you and what doesn’t. Is your business in a bit of a marketing quandary at the moment? If so, you need to check out these creative and innovative ... Read More »

3 of the Best WordPress Plugins to Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly


Best WordPress Plugins to Make your site Mobile-Friendly : A survey was  taken and there come out a result : “by 2015 – 30% of web traffic  will be covered by smartphones”.It just made me curious about mobile compatibility of any blog .It forced me in writing this article which may be useful to you as well. Suppose you have monthly 100k page views and your site is not mobile friendly.Then you are disappointing at least 10k users who use mobile to use your site.Its never a good mark on any site.Mobile visitors visits site regularly as it is on their ... Read More »