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Your Handy Guide on Displaying Posts From third Level sub Categories in WordPress


Content segregation is a vital aspect of every website and blog. Thanks to the high-performance content management system i.e. WordPress it has become convenient to categorize your posts in accordance to a specific topic/idea. The only downside associated with WordPress is that it currently doesn’t provide you any easy method for displaying subcategories. If you’re a beginner in WordPress, then this problem will undoubtedly rack your brains. Well, this is a post focused on understanding the basic issue associated with the third level sub-categories in WordPress and how you can display posts from these third level sub-categories. Digging deep into ... Read More »

How Partition Tool Can Benefit in Disk Management


Partitioning is one of the key aspects of managing your system. There was a time when people were under assumption that Windows Disk Management System is the only option they have got to fix all the issues they encounter. However, everything cannot be solved by the default disk management. It should be wisely used as partitioning can just lead to heaves of troubles for your computer. If you are a professional and installing multiple computers for your work space then you should be more careful about the situation as this can lead to loss of data and loss of productivity ... Read More »

How Essential Is SSL Certificate for Securing Your WordPress Site?


It becomes imperative to keep your WordPress website secure and safe. You heard about the assorted cyber attacks news. However, with the help of SSL certificate, you can keep your site protected with ease. With this, you can keep your website’s data secure from the hackers and other technical mishaps. In fact, this allows your web users to share information to your site through encrypted transfer protocols. Security Technology: SSL Connection Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a trustable security technology, used for setting up an encrypted link between the web server and a browser. The main purpose of SSL is ... Read More »

What Helps The WordPress CMS Buttress Mobile Application

WordPress CMS Buttress Mobile Application

It would be too mainstream to say that WordPress is a great web development tool, but it has to be said that its incredibly useful features make it the most preferred CMS across the globe. The most interesting thing to note about this platform is that while allowing you to run almost any type of website, it also offers a riveting way to captivate a wider group of audience with an intriguing mobile solution. Wondering how? Yes! Surprisingly, you can create appealing and intriguing mobile applications with WordPress. In this mobile age, the significance of a mobile presence in eminent. ... Read More »

The Prominence Of Android App Development In Mobile Arena


Android app development is incessantly growing into one of the highest paying profession in the past few years. However, to generate a hefty revenue, one has to come up with an innovative app idea that can stand out in the pool of applications already available in the market. By observing the way Android is becoming the preference of many businesses, it can be anticipated that this mobile platform is going to hold the reins in the future. The analytics and stats reports clearly represent that Android is already possessing a dominating user base with maximum market shares. In this article, ... Read More »

Become self dependent financially while studying


A driver whose jobs involve driving any type of vehicle and help the passengers and goods to reach their destination.A driver can drive any type of vehicle he is permitted to drive.To drive any vehicles the person gets a license permit to drive that particular type of vehicle after which he is permitted to drive it.There are various driver jobs in Mumbai which involves driving commercial and personal vehicles both. Due to huge number of people visiting the capital state of Maharashtra regularly there is a huge demand for drivers in the city, whether for school bus , taxi drivers , truck ... Read More »

7 Simple tips on Designing an intuitive Mobile UI

Mobile UI

It’s not just coding, but even user interface designing is greatly affected by best practices. The better the user interface of your mobile app, more will be your chances of grabbing the attention of targeted audience. In today’s high-paced world, customers are free to choose from hundreds of thousands of mobile applications that can be easily found on different app stores like Google Play, App Store and many more. Hence, in order to make your app stand out, it is critical to equip your app with a highly intuitive user interface which can please the customers on an instant basis. ... Read More »

WixStores – Enhance Your Small Business Globally With


WixStores is amongst one of the top online e-commerce website builders, where merchants and sellers can create and design their store to display their materials for sale. WixStores is the online store builder of, and is a free website builder. is known globally for its professional and beautiful website templates. WixStores has become the ideal eCommerce website builder, which is far more interactive and yes, it can help you in a variety of ways in addition to just building your store. Build E-commerce websites for small-scale shopping stores Online shopping is the top priority websites for the younger generation. These days ... Read More »

The LMS Landscape and LifterLMS The e-Learning Landscape


As you may or may not know, the e-learning space is hot right now. It’s expected to generate $107 Billion in 2015, and grow at nearly 10% annually. Online Information Products are one of the most scalable business models in the world – you are not required to manufacture or house product and there’s little to no overhead. Information products started to grow in popularity with the rise of membership websites. We have come to realize as online marketers, that simply offering membership doesn’t quite cut it. Members need to be engaged and brought back into the classroom or learning environment ... Read More »

Why Contemporary Interior Decoration Is A Good Choice?

contemprary interior decoration

The pieces of contemporary furniture are ideal elements for a contemporary interior. When it comes to contemporary interior, we talk about sleek and clean environment. In order to plan for a contemporary look renovation of your room, you should think of contemporary furniture which you should include in your setting. You can pay visit to a furniture shop that sells modern kind of furniture. This is your first step for prevention of mismatch of your furniture to the interior design that you crave for. Designing and decoration are typical terminologies which you should not misunderstand. For example, for beautification of ... Read More »

Three Essential Steps for Building a Quality WordPress Website in One Day

wordpress plugins

WordPress is made to be easy to use. In fact, it is so user-friendly that virtually anyone, even people with no web experience, can use it to construct and maintain a basic blog or e-commerce site based on readily available themes and templates. While the WordPress community of developers have done a great job of decreasing the learning curve as much as possible, that doesn’t mean that anyone can become a WordPress expert in a day. While it certainly helps to go into the endeavor with some technical prowess under your sleeve, even then a wise business owner/entrepreneur will almost ... Read More »

Choosing BuddyPress to Turn WordPress Site to a Social Network: Why and How


Almost every business constantly seeks for opportunities that helps them increase their brand visibility among a wider audience base. One best way to expand your brand’s voice and content is to set up a social network. Of course, social networks help increase your brand recognition to millions of users, but sometimes the scope that those networks provide can be distracting for some user groups. So, if you’re already running a WordPress website and want to convert it into a social network for users with a narrow focus, then BuddyPress plug-in is a great solution for you. This plug-in help you ... Read More »