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How to switch from Blogger to WordPress without losing Google Rankings

How to switch from Blogger to WordPress without losing Google Rankings

Blogger is an amazing option for those who are just starting with their blog. There is no risk, as one can test how the results are coming up. Although it provides many features like choosing from a template, multilingualism, iOS and Android apps; it still misses the advanced features. So when you are ready to go with your own blog WordPress is the best option. The main question that arises is, “What about my rankings?” Well that is thoughtful and fortunately there is a solution to that. Before moving to the HOW TO DO IT part, let us know the ... Read More »

How Good Is Your WordPress Developer?


This is basically the very first question that you want to ask whenever you think about hiring a WordPress developer. We are talking about open-source CMS software so a proper knowledge is necessary. You should only consider hiring someone after you are sure that you work with someone that is highly professional. Experienced developers are going to be able to do everything with the CMS system. Those that are not experienced can only do a limited set of tasks. Always think about asking the following questions as you interview the developers that you consider hiring. Can You Show Me A ... Read More »

How To Find A Really Good WordPress Web Developer

WordPress Web Developer

Nowadays, WordPress stands out as the most popular of all the CMS systems available. It is free and brings in the possibility to basically have the exact website design that you want. All that you have to do is hire a developer that is experienced and the site will be perfect. The problem is that there are so many developers that it is really hard to choose one that is good for you. Obviously, most of them are not good and you want to be sure that the work done for you is of the quality that you need. In ... Read More »

Keep Stress at Bay with These Simple Tips


Stress is very common these days. Few years ago stress was considered a familiar term for adults but with advent of new technology and exposure to different media and information, stress has also become common among children. We all know that stress has ill effects on our health. The effects of stress on our body include, High blood pressure, lack of sleep, headache, Bad immunity, Heart problems like heart attack, Liver issues like acid formation and many more. Ignorance towards stress can result to serious health and mental problems, so we should work upon stress and try to fight it ... Read More »

The Luxurious Pride Springfields Apartment For Modern Living

Springfields apartments

The apartment living is one of the greatest opportunity for getting the luxurious life. Bangalore is filed with many different luxurious apartment so that it will be one of the greatest option for choosing the best amenities filled apartment. Pride Springfields is the recent released paramount project that is made by the Pride Housing and pride springfields is located on the hill tops of Kanakapura Road in the Bangalore city. More people are coming from other cities to Bangalore for the commercial purposes so they seek a wonderful place for getting the best class life along with their family. The ... Read More »

7 Essential Google Marketing Tools which You Should Use for Your Marketing Efforts

Google Marketing Tools

Google is currently the leading search engine online. However, did you know that there are more to Google than just being a search engine. If you are an internet marketer or perhaps someone who owns an online business, you could take advantage of the various tools offered by Google which could actually help your marketing efforts. Google Tools Which are Helpful for Marketers There are plenty of helpful Google tools which you can use for your marketing efforts. Some of them include the following: Google My Business If you’re in for some free advertising from Google, the Google My Business ... Read More »

Edit Movies with Movavi Software

Video Editor

One of the laws of movie making is that no matter how skilled you are at video taking and how expensive your camera is your raw footage will still be bad. If you are a professional you can always look for a little extra polish. Installing Movavi movie editing software can be of great help. Commercial video editors are sometimes so expensive. However, you will not have to go that far. Movavi is easily one of the best when it comes to video editing software. It has a simple design and minds every user. This means that you don’t have ... Read More »

How To Get A Website Service Up And Running From Scratch

How To Get A Website Service Up And Running From Scratch

So, you’ve got a great idea for a website service. Congratulations! Perhaps you are going to save the world, or disrupt a market enough to change it forever. We’re confident you can do it – but you have to build it first. Building a website service is a complicated business. Not only do you have to have the technical nous to build it – which can cost a lot of time and money. But you also have to get people to use it. Without users and engagement, your that money and time will all have been for nothing. So, to ... Read More »

Kick Your Business Upstairs By Choosing Proper Methods


Electronic commerce provides impressive options to the people and the digital transactions clearly taken place.It also changed the business as well as customer interacts. The ecommerce offer wide range of benefits to both retailers as well as customer. At first it reduces the cost of sale, by the way it differ from traditional transactions, it is the better platform to compare similar products, with this customer can find the details about the original manufacturer.  Like some websites let you order tshirt online of branded company on a great deals and offers. They even save your time which you waste going ... Read More »

Easy Online Recharge Facility for BSNL Customer

Easy online recharge facility for BSNL customer

The technology has changed the world completely. Today, there is no hassle of looking for a retailer to buy a BSNL online recharge coupon. There are many sites available over internets which are providing easy online recharge. Some sites require a register account for the user whereas some sites do not have compulsory registration. The registration process is very easy because the user just have to mention name, phone number and very basic information. The registration time will only take just five minutes. The other benefits of online recharge are that customer can also recharge prepaid mobile phone of his ... Read More »

Government Supporting Investment in Real Estate in Mumbai

Real Estate in Mumbai

Mumbai is considered as the Commercial and entertainment hub of India, which attract various professionals and businessman across the globe. This result in the growth of the real estate market of the city, attracting various Builders and developers in the country. The prices of property in the city are Skyrocketing but ready flats in the city are less creating a shortage in demand in comparison to the demand. It is one of the best well planned city of the country with providing great infrastructure for the people to stay. Places near the Mumbai city which are called as suburbs of ... Read More »

Apply for Home Loan Online

apply for home loan

Buying own rajkot propertyis a very important decision and happiest thing in life. Taking Home loan is a loan which is taken by a borrower from the bank issued against the property or security meant to be bought on the part by the borrower, which is to be given by the banker as a conditional ownership over any house or property. Home loan is the most secured loan, offered against the security of a property or house which will be directly funded by the bank, and the property can be for a personal or commercial one. That is, if the ... Read More »