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Cloud Security Technology Still In Infancy

Earlier we posted about the Solutions for Cloud Hosting and now we are going deep into this technology with help of this tutorial.

Is the move to cloud storage premature?
According to a recent survey done by the Ponemon Institute, an independent research institution on privacy and data protection, 39% of responding businesses have suggested that moving to cloud storage has had a negative impact on the security of their operation.

This comes at a time when the vast majority of businesses in the IT industry are starting to or planning on moving their confidential data into the cloud. This data includes user names, passwords, addresses, credit card information and the like. The same survey indicated that two thirds of respondents who are not currently using the cloud will be moving their data onto it within the next three years.

The United States federal government is making a similar move in taking its data to the cloud as part of a plan to reduce the costs and increase the efficiency of their operations. This move includes twenty of the total eighty billion dollars of the government’s technology expenditure.

Cloud security is misunderstood:
The same survey indicated that the majority of businesses and groups moving their data into cloud storage believed that their cloud service provider are the ones which are principally accountable for protecting that data. The same majority also stated that they had no information about the sort of protection that these providers utilize to protect their data.

You may be thinking that this lapse in oversight can be explained as a case of users encrypting their data prior to sending it into the cloud network. However, only one half of respondents suggested that they apply their own encryption to data prior to putting it into the cloud, while the other half relies solely on encryption utilized within the cloud after it has been hosted.

The big misunderstanding:
In the end, the security of your data is ultimately still your own responsibility, be it on your own servers or on the cloud. Normal security precautions are still necessary within the world of cloud hosting, but many users do not yet realize this.

For more than a decade, business organizations have been making the same simple
security leak mistakes, from using default passwords to sharing accounts to systems that are simply configured incorrectly. The move to the cloud has only made this situation worse as so many who use it seem to assume that security is handled as a part of their cloud service.

What the future holds:
As cloud storage is only just beginning to take hold, security for the cloud is also still in a state of infancy. Several major security groups including McAffe and Symantec now offer cloud security, but understanding the methodologies needed to fully protect data in the cloud is still needed.

The bottom line is that when users no longer host their own data, they lose direct control over it. This means when a user loses access to their account, they have to rely on the support staff of the cloud host service they are using which leaves a gaping security hole to be exploited. The single largest new source of security leaks is due to this social element, and unless your cloud storage provider simply refuses to help users regain access to their lost data, this is a security vulnerability which remains unsolved.


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