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How to find your Facebook Page ID or User ID

In order to build, create and manage many application you need to find Facebook Page ID / User ID, which is unique profile identification number mostly in digits.

Most of Facebook user are aware about the apps and games and now-a-days most of application need to have your page id or profile id. Facebook page is usually build to make your business or site or other activity social. Each such page contains the 11 digits ID number ( for old user) or 15 digit number ( for new users ) which you can see when you create the page. But what if you already created the page and now don’t know that id, then you can get same by following below steps.

How to Find your Facebook Page ID / User ID

As you know that we you are going to create Facebook Like box, It ask to enter unique page id and then width, height and some other parameters to get code which you can paste in your blog or site to get more facebook fans.

If you are not using the custom profile name then it lot more easier to find the profile id Like for below page url “198282573586172″ is the page id.


But if you change default page to custom user name then you have to follow few steps and have to apply some trick to get the profile or page id. Actually there are two methods to find the user id and we will look at both.

Traditional Method to Find Facebook Page Id / Profile Id :-

Step 1 :-  Just open your Facebook Page and right click on profile photo. Now click on “Properties” ( If you are IE or Chrome or Safari User ), Other wise click on “View image Info” for Firefox user. I have firefox, So showing this tutorial with same only.


Step 2 :- Now once you click on “View image Info” it will open one popup window same like box, which contains the information about that image.

Here Highlighted Text shows your Profile or Page ID.

Now, I will show you another latest and advance tricks by which you can easily find your Facebook Page ID / User / Profile ID.

Step 1 : Simply open your browse and enter url like “<your custom page name>, replace <your custom page name> with whatever page name you have. So final url would be like below.

Step 2 :- Now you will see short information about your page like, Its name, Category, description, id, location and many more other fields as well. Here ID is the required field which represent your Page Id.

So, That’s it, Use this Page Id at whatever place you want. like you can use to create Facebook wordpress themes, buttons, plugins, widgets and many more. If you really like this tips and think that this tutorial is helpful then, Please don’t forget to become our Facebook Fan and also subscribe for our Free email newsletter to get such nice tips everyday.

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