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How to Increase Conversion Rate Drastically

Maximizing conversions is the first thing to optimizing profit

If you’ve been selling online, you know that the amount of visitors you get doesn’t exactly reflect your sales proportionally. Sometimes people like to just show up, take a good look and then leave. Now you might think that that has something to do with their disinterest with your product. What if I told you there could be people who are quite interested in your product, but still didn’t purchase? What gives?

The conversion rate is a metric that shows how many of your visitors left your site after purchasing one of your products and/or services. Sometimes, instead of trying to get more visitors, and thus brute forcing your way to more successful sales, it’s better to get more of your original visitors to buy.

The essence behind understanding conversion rate is the following : Internet users don’t like their time wasted. Try thinking not about what you’re selling , but how  you’re selling it. Is there an annoyance for the user? Is there something that might impede the process of ordering? These are just some of the things one should be thinking about.

Build Trust With Your Clients

I can take one look at a scam site, and claim I never want to see it again. I’m sure that so will the visitors of your site, even if you’re not a scammer. The key here is not to use any pattern or design that will remind people of scammers. If you want a higher conversion rate , be sure to avoid using the following:

  1. Having one long page with all the information you want to give the customer
  2. Huge titles with a red font
  3. Claims that your product is the only trustworthy solution
  4. Obviously fake testimonies.
  5. Too frequent calls to action (“Buy Now” , “Start your future immediately”, “Get rich FAST!” and so on)

A cheap, badly designed site, with obnoxiously obvious intent to sell you things you may not even need is what makes customers not trust you.

On the other hand: good design, privacy policies, verification of the SSL connection (and a logo to reassure clients), a return policy on an obvious place where visitors can find it are all things that can help you build trust.

Work on Usability :

Let’s imagine the following thing : Bob  does a Google search for “chainmail bracelets”. He stumbles upon a site full of amazing designs, done by a good craftsman with lots of experience. Bob really likes them and decides to buy. It takes Bob about 3 minutes to find the “Add to cart” button, another 2 to fill out his entire personal details. In the end , not being told he can’t use Paypal on this site, Bob leaves disappointed, because that’s his preferable choice of doing payments. Our hypothetical Bob will not only go to the competitor’s website, but will also never recommend the first site to any of his chainmail-loving buddies.

Surprising as it might sound to you, an unusable site, no matter how pretty it might be and how good products it might have, will have a very low conversion rate.  To fix the conversion rate of such a site, you’ll need to think about the following:

1.Be obvious about where the user should purchase from. Add easily visible buttons.

2.Increase conversion rate by keeping the checkout simple and fast. Preferably one page instead of many.

3.Do not ask for information that is useless to you, or is too private to your potential customers

4.Try your best to support many ways of payment, and make them obvious from the start with the use of banners or icons which are visible before purchase. This has shown to drastically increase conversion rates.

5.Make shipping options visible from the start. No one would purchase a $100 bracelet with a $100 delivery tax.

6.If you’re hoping for mobile usage, research Responsive Web Design and apply it to your site

Act according to your unique selling point

Maybe it’s price, maybe it’s free shipment. Maybe it’s the fact that your personal image is one that others like to identify with and that’s why people want to buy your products. Make sure to identify your unique selling point and state it, this will help you increase conversions. For example , if you run a service “by developers for developers”, make sure to give your visitors that notion in an obvious manner.

A word about conversion rates and affiliate marketing

If you’re not selling your own products, but rather promoting others, you could still benefit from some of the advice above. But there are several other pieces of advice you should also be aware of, if you want to increase conversion rates for affiliate marketing:

  1. Provide accurate information. This is essential if you want people to be sold on ordering the product right now. Don’t lie and don’t cheat.
  2. Make sure the product you’re promoting is in the right place. Selling make-up on an auto-repair blog wouldn’t be of much use
  3. Don’t overdo promotion, try to sound as if you’re generally into what you’re selling.
  4. Be sure to try the product, don’t talk about something you haven’t tried for yourself.

Try these tips if you’re willing to experiment with increasing conversion rates. In the end, higher conversion rates may mean a lot more than page views or unique visitors. It’s worth the shot.

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