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New Blog Topics Ideas To Start A Successful Blogging Career

Finding what to write in order to become successful

When deciding on starting a blog, the most important thing to actually decide will be your blog’s topic. This is crucial to your further plans, anything else practically revolves around the topic and general direction of your blog’s content. At first it might seem like there’s no use in starting a blog at all, as if everything important was already covered. But that is actually rarely the case. In this article we will give you some clues as to what good blog topics could be. 

It’s  important not to pick ANY topic, you should already know that what makes a blog popular is what the blogger targets in its topics. Just tiny tidbits with no orientation will probably not have good results, since as we all know , no person is capable of knowing everything about everything.

Instead , ask yourself : What do I want to see a blog about ? What can I contribute with? What can I give advice on. You’ll probably end up with lots of things you can sift out later. There’s no formula, and there are few “trending topics”, but to give you some ideas, we’ve compiled this short list, to get you brainstorming:

  • Self-Improvement/ Health / Spirituality.
  • Travel / Backpacking and budget traveling / Exploration.
  • Language Learning  / Writing Skills / Literature.
  • Cooking/ Home Improvement / Craftsmanship.
  • Technology / Science / Geeky hobbies.
  • DIY / Tutorials / How-to articles.
  • Entertainment / Movies/ Gaming (PC and Console).

Of course there could  be plenty of more topics, but think of deriving anything from these basic categories to become the central point of your blog. You may specialize in quick recipes , or indie games, or crafting your own paper dolls. Bring your focus to something specific, and later expand towards other things in your general niche.

Another thing we should cover is some sub-points of interest for whichever category or blog topic you choose. These ideas are mostly independent of the blog topic:

  • Make a post on something discussed in the comments of your blog.
  • Debunk a misconception , bust a myth – you need this type of controversy to keep your visitors interested.
  • Solve problems your visitors are likely to have bothered with – for example,  if your blog is about cooking, share some advice on common difficulties, like cracking eggs. If your blog is about software, explain how to install/configure/write your own program.

These are the core essentials one would need to know regarding the choice of a good blog topic that may reap lots of visitors.



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