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Proven Ways To Get More Comments On Your Blog

Proven Ways To Get More Comments On Your Blog :

Getting your visitors’ opinions :

Blogs are not newspapers, you would always want to get feedback from your visitors about your content. This feedback will give you a clue as to how well you’re doing in your blog, and will make it more desirable. Everybody likes to share their opinion, and they feel more valued when they do so. But sometimes, your visitors will need a little push to start commenting. In this article , we’ll discuss what you can do to get more blog comments. 

Through practice, many of the more experienced bloggers have found out that there are certain things that increase the number of comments per post. Learning from their experience will be our top priority when exploring this topic.

Make it easy to comment :

Obvious, isn’t it? Well not that obvious to lots of bloggers, apparently. In their efforts to make their blogs better, they sometimes forget how important the visitor’s comments are.  Most Internet users (including myself) don’t want to spend lots of time looking for something on a website. This laziness means that if it takes too long to post a comment, any desire to do so vanishes quickly. Simplify your comment form, and try your best not to ask for too much information.

Call your visitors to action :

What better way to stimulate your visitors than actually saying “I want your opinion on the subject”. This is found throughout many good blogs, and naturally, is what makes visitors feel like their opinion matters. Don’t miss on this opportunity to stimulate them.

Try inducing an emotional response :

Through good storytelling you can influence your visitors to the point where they will want to share what they feel in the comments.  Stories that bring tears to our eyes, or something ridiculously funny, this is what makes good content for emotional response.  This, however, not always applicable , for example trying this on a tech/gadget blog will result in utter failure.

Respond to comments :

If you do respond to user’s comments, they feel like they’re not just a voice in the wind. This makes them comment more often. Make it your goal to respond to any and all questions asked, even if they’re offensive or not easy to understand.  Responding to your visitors makes for great blogging, use it.

Reward your commenters for their trouble :

There are many plugins which offer you to have a “top commenters” section on your sidebar. Aside from that, you can feature your top commenter by offering them to write a guest post every now and then, or refer to their opinions on certain matters so that they feel important and desired.

These are the basics to getting lots and lots of more comments, which will make you a more engaging and interesting blogger.



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