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The Best Mobile Browsers for 2014

The Best Mobile Browsers for 2014:

Where once was the frontier, now there’s variety:

If you’ve taken interest in mobile technology for long enough, then you’ve probably noticed how quickly it changes in just five years. Facilitated by cheap mobile broadband plans and Wi-Fi available nearly everywhere –at home, the office or any café , mobile web browsing has become so common there’s actually competition going on between several platforms and several mobile browsers. To learn the extent to which browsers have become diverse, and also the leaders in the list of browsers for 2012, read below.

Before delving into the browser list, let’s first level the field by saying mobile browsers are available for many different platforms and mobile operating systems , the leaders being Android by Google, offered with most of the HTC and Samsung smartphones,  Symbian – vastly used by Nokia,  Apple IOS used by Apple iPhones , and Windows Mobile which has no dedicated brand of phones using it, but is offered with quite many individual models.

Having so many different operating systems means  building compatibility for all of them will be hard, so some browsers are limited to just their particular operating system, limiting your choice if you only have one phone with its particular OS. Keeping this in mind, let’s go further and examine the list :

Safari for iPhone :

All time favorite for the iPhone market, Safari is incredibly fast, maybe because it was built around the iPhone’s hardware and particular OS, by the same author teams. Safari is easy to use for navigations, and offers particularly rich features when it comes to focusing only a certain part of the content you want to see.  Combined with Siri for voice control on the new iPhones,   it has quite a lot of amazing features. The central problem is you need to own an iPhone to get it, and not all of us can or want to afford an iPhone.

Dolphin Browser HD :

dolphin browser

This browser was built for Android with the idea to replace the default browser. Indeed , it does offer  all the default browser does, and more to top it. Dolphin makes navigation better, uses auto-fill search forms, can accept gestures, both user defined and browser defaults, to make browsing  forward and backward between pages even more easy. So far, Dolphin is also the only browser to have voice navigation like Siri for iPhone, which makes it a pretty good competitor. Its central drawback is that it can be quite slow for older or weaker Android phones, taking up lots of memory and loading a tad bit slower than some browsers optimized for that.

Mozilla Firefox :

mozillaAndroid version of Mozilla Firefox won’t surprise you with being lightning fast. But it’s smooth scrolling, easy minimalistic navigation, and most importantly – support for plugins and extensions, is likely to get you on its side. Extensions for Firefox are many and different,  ranging from IRC chat and FTP clients, to AdBlock for blocking out nasty mobile ads. Although not even a shadow of its PC version’s functionality,  the mobile Firefox is also a promising browser.

Opera 12 :

The latest opera is also not to be underestimated, with support for Android and Symbian. It may lack Firefox’s minimalism and extension capabilities, but when it comes to HTML 5 and standards compatibility, opera is without doubt the leader.  It is as standard-compliant as a browser could ever get, which means less bugs in displaying web pages. It is also lightning fast and offers its unique functionality to two different mobile operating systems. If that’s not great, I don’t know what is.

Mini browsers :

In order to offer support for weaker phones to browse the web, some companies are creating “mini” versions of their web browsers, whose interface only does the basics and keeps functionality limited,  for the benefit of having a faster browsing experience .They go easy on memory and are quite a good option if your phone can’t quite handle the pressure. Popular contestants in this category are Opera Mini and Dolphin Mini.

As mentioned above ,there are many and different web browsers for the mobile market, so if you need it , there is choice. However, the top competitors are just starting to form – no one is the favorite yet.

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