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Top 10 Premium WordPress Themes of 2014

WordPress remains one of the best blogging platforms today. In fact, most of the blogs that you have encountered and will encounter in the future have a high probability of being made through WordPress. If you should wonder why WordPress remains at the top, it is simply because WordPress provides all the necessary tools for bloggers and various enterprises. And WordPress does it by providing themes that match your creativity and suit the type of business that you have.

However, WordPress has developed countless themes to choose from. It may startle a starting blogger because the choices are overwhelming. And to help you with it, we compiled the top 10 premium WordPress themes of 2012. Through this guide, you will be able to narrow down your search and finally be able to select a theme that suits any kind of cyber activity you are engaged in.


Boutique WordPress Theme
Boutique is striking with its bright colors. This theme is designed for online sellers. Through this theme, you can showcase photographs of your merchandise together with their price. All information about your online enterprise can be easily accessed through the tabs, just below the banner, which are neatly organized. The layout of Boutique will provide delight to online shoppers as well because all that they need to know is presented to their eyes. Never before have online selling, and shopping, been this colorful.

Elegant Estate

ElegantEstate Real Estate WordPress Theme
Suggesting its purpose by its name, Elegant Estate is ideal for real estate companies that want to increase their sales through online marketing. Of course, you can use it too if you are selling your house. In this theme you can showcase a photograph of the estate in the background and put a descriptive text and the estate price on the foreground. You can navigate around the site through the array of tabs on the top of the page. This theme looks very straightforward and very attractive for serious property sellers and buyers.


Nova WordPress Theme
Nova is an ideal theme for IT-oriented outsourcing companies. Having this theme will give you a front page that elicits curiosity in potential customers. Having minimal text and a solid background color, the Nova exudes professionalism. By the first look, visitors will have the impression that you are doing serious business. The page is designed with quality in mind. Quality that is rather contagious – because your webpage reflects your company, you must choose a smart design that will tell potential customers what your business is all about by just a single look.


Memoir WordPress Theme
Memoir is a perfect theme for writers and personal bloggers. The layout, which allows you to spill your heart out, focuses on text. What you write appear in the center of the page on what looks like paper. Behind it is a photograph of scenery that adds drama to your story. Nothing will distract your readers from reading your anecdote. To add color to your posts, you can include a small photograph within the text. With Memoir, nothing can come between you and your readers.

Deep Focus

DeepFocus Photography WordPress Theme
Deep Focus is a straight-to-the-point theme that will allow you to showcase your skills in photography. As the name suggests, the theme focuses deeply on exhibiting photographs without a single distraction. The layout features a wooden panel where the photographs are displayed. Since pictures already speak a thousand words, you do not have to put text on the front page. Navigation is easy because the tabs are neatly located on the top of the page. Deep focus will be loved not just by the page owners but also the page lookers.

On the Go

OnTheGo WordPress Theme
On the Go is a theme that you may find quirky. It is designed for businesses that have something to offer. Like other business pages, it provides information about the company, the people behind it and the services that they offer. What is unique about it is the page being devoid of everything that looks corporate. The background for the page uses a solid color and the text, photographs and other details are confined within a frame that is made of clouds. For additional creativity, the page includes caricatures.


Feather WordPress Theme
This theme is designed for enterprises that want to sell their services in a straightforward manner. The page uses solid colors and quadrilateral frames. Beside every photograph in the scroll panel are short descriptive texts. If you want to jump to a particular item in the page, you can simply click on the corresponding picture below the main panel and see the information that you want. If you want to browse the items continuously, you can keep clicking the scroll panel and experience a slide show. Feather is indeed an elegant theme.


eStore eCommerce WordPress Theme
E-store is another theme for entrepreneurs who sell different items. The layout also gives the same straightforwardness that business minded people expect. The layout uses solid colors and frames. When you view the pictures, you will see that they seem to be hung and taped in place. It gives the impression of a casual store that is devoid of the stiffness that most businesses have. The products are displayed with their corresponding prices, and the main item that is displayed has a short descriptive text beside it. With E-store, you can do business and shoppers can shop with ease.

The Style

TheStyle WordPress Theme
The Style, in simple words, looks like a magazine. This theme is perfect for organizations or individuals who always have fresh content to blog about. Posts in this theme are arranged in columns where you can see the topic of the article, the first paragraphs, a photograph that relates to it and the date when the entry was posted. The background has a solid color which helps improve the readability of the posts. The Style is true to itself, attractive and in the mood.


Webly WordPress Theme
Webly is developed with convenience in mind. It is also designed for businesses that offer services. Its layout is simple yet colorful and persuasive with graphics that are drawn like a cartoon. Its contents call for action outright, thus converting traffic into potential clients. Webly offers a front page that can persuade your visitors to enter the site. When they do, they can access the contents within. Indeed, Webly provides an affable customer experience.

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