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Top Security Technology for Home Networks

Various types of security technology exist to keep your computer safe. Most technologies are used with a wired internet connection and a wireless internet connection. The prevalence of malware and keeping unauthorized users off of your wireless network are two big security issues.

Top Security Technology for Home Networks

Home users can choose between two firewall options to protect their system. There is a software option and a hardware option for a firewall. A software firewall is the most popular choice as it is installed like any other software program on your computer. You can set the firewall to allows connections with most of the software programs installed on your system. All outside attempts to access your computer will be blocked. Software firewalls only protect the computer and not your entire network. A hardware firewall is needed to protect your entire network from threats. Many wireless routers have a firewall that is used to prevent unauthorized access to your system.

Antivirus Software
The installation of antivirus software is crucial for any home computer. Malware and other types of bad acting software can easily be installed on your system. A good antivirus software program will function in real time to prevent threats to your system. This software will also run a scan of your system to see if it has any malware. Any malware that is found will be removed of quarantined. Real time protection for your system means that threats are identified before they are downloaded.

Malicious software installed on your system designed to collect personal information is called spyware and is a security threat. You can remove spyware and prevent it from being installed on your system by using an antispyware program. These programs are similar to antivirus programs but will scan your all known spyware that may be installed on your system. These programs can also run in real time to keep your computer safe and running normally.

Wireless Router
Home users that set up a network will use a wireless router. A wireless router will broadcast a signal up to 300 feet or more away from the house. This means that it is not secured, then anyone within range is to connect and use your Internet connection. The standard encryption method that is used on routers is WPA. WPA stands for WiFi Protected Access and is a replacement to the WEP standard. Setting up any wireless router for home use will require enabling security. When security is enabled a network key for the router needs to be created and will act as a password.

USB Keys
Software can be installed on your computer that will turn your USB drive into a security key. When the USB drive is connected to the computer all access is available. Taking the USB drive out will lock your machine and not allow any unauthorized access. This is a good option to use with a laptop computer. A USB drive will have a security key that is encrypted. The key is recognized by the computer to allow a user access.


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