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What is email marketing ? Email marketing tips

What is email marketing ? Email marketing tips:

Most of you have experienced email marketing on the receiving end, even if you’ve never incorporated it into your own campaign. To put it bluntly and shortly, email marketing is basically distributing messages to people over mailing lists in hopes of achieving a certain popularity and reminding them of your site. But as you know as a user , lots of people don’t know how to shape their emails so that they can captivate your interest. You can get some email marketing tips later on, in this article, if you keep reading.

So we’ve all received nasty email messages that do nothing but blatant promotion, and some of us have even resorted to filtering them because we’ve grown reluctant to seeing them. Now , if we were to run our own campaign we wouldn’t want to do that to our potential customers. So what are some useful tips to follow ?

Follow Spam Tips To Avoid Being Flagged As Spam:

Interestingly enough, someone has bothered making a compilation of tips which will help your email look like regular advertisement, instead of the dreaded spam. You can look into it in more detail (just Google CAN-SPAM) but we’ll tell you the basics of it right here : don’t lie to the users in the subject line, don’t present yourself as another site, be sure to mention the letter is an advertisement, have an actual address written in the letter.  These will help you not to be included in most of the spam filters. However the next step is even more important.

Be sure to let people know how to unsubscribe:

This does not seem like the thing to do at first, but it is actually a preventive measure. If people don’t want to receive your offers (no matter how tempting they are) , you should let them peacefully unsubscribe, instead of forcing them to flag you as spam just to avoid your messages. Make sure people on your mailing lists can unsubscribe successfully.

Include lots of links, but don’t go overboard with them:

Experts say that for each paragraph of text, there should be a link included. Even the more obtrusive “click here” and “check this out” are okay, so long as you put them after an informative paragraph of text. After all , you would want people who are actually interested to visit your website

Avoid entirely image based designs:

Designing  an email needs to be pretty, but most of all it needs to be functional. Even the best looking design can fall in the jaws of software which is unable to display it. Furthermore, the less images that are included in the design of your promotional email, the better it will do on the user end. That is not to say that you don’t need pictures at all, but please strive to keep them at a minimum level.

Keep the text short but informative:

No one these days bothers to read anything long on the internet.  Some studies even show that our visual perception has changed to accommodate easier scanning of text – finding the most important to us, rather than reading. So by keeping your text simple you increase the visibility of your text, while at the same time maintaining the  reader’s interest.

These basic tips are just the core of what you should know , but they will help you avoid the most common mistakes people and companies make in their email campaigns. Hopefully, in time, people will enjoy messages from you more and more, and that might even have a positive impact you hadn’t even hoped for!

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