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Top 6 really useful tips on writing product reviews

Top 6 really useful  tips on writing product review  :

Today on internet we see bundles of product review sites and the worst part is most of them are fake reviews.Product reviews are the part of marketing strategy to increase your affiliate sales ultimately benefitting the product company.But fake/false reviews not only decrease your sales but also drops the reputation of your site.Suppose a person buy’s some product reading you “EXCELLENT” review on that product and later on if he finds that product useless or not up to standards then you are the one to blame.Its obvious that you have lost one loyal user and have hurt your blog reputation.

From my experience I am going to list down some mistakes that you should avoid while developing review sites :

1.     Honesty is a key to success :

” We believe in honest reviews “ should be your tagging in your review post page.Believe me,your users will love it and help your site reputation grow. Don’t ever give false reviews for a just a few dollars.Honest reviews will boost your affiliate sales and will also give a lot of loyal visitors.

2.     Insufficient product research :

Often when we want to write a review there are three chances :

  1. You just copy a content from product page and paste it on your site .
  2. You make a bit of research and again same story(knowing less about product,you post a review referring other sites)
  3. You make a full research and post a 100% trusted quality review.

That’s the right way.Here you are to guide the people on the product.So,always make a full research and post your own opinion and that is a real meaning of review posts : posting our own opinion.

        3. Make full use of Images and Videos :

Human’s very soon attract to visual things,Give them that.A lot of Images revealing your product.Its always boring to read pages of text content for anybody.Make wise use of images and videos that will clearly help them in understanding the product.You can also post some images which contain important text regarding product.

4.     Social Media is really useful :

Reaching on social media for product review will be an indication that you are serious about the product.It will definitely increase your online presence and popularity.You can reach max audience by this source and possibly increase your sales.

5.     Understand the capacity of people :

While doing any research or promoting any product you should have a clear understanding of the capacity of audience to buy the particular product.Tell them the real story.It is possible that they may have seen the same product review from other sites as well.So if you provide them real information you are the star in their mind.

6.     Don’t repeat similar format for every product review :

Lets face it – max people do this.They make a particular format and every time use it for product review.Grow up!its not a school homework.Its really boring to use the same format for every review.It loses the charm of your site.Always use a unique format while describing any product.

I am done.It was my experience.If you have some information above this you are always welcomed.We love feedback ,keep it coming.Share it with your friends if you liked it.

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