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10 Realistic Tips To Engage Readers in Your Blog

Pick your visitors’ interest

Your visitors are ordinary people, just like you and me. And as such ,they won’t bother staying on a site that isn’t engaging and doesn’t provoke their gray matter.  At the same time, they only seem to scan through the site, instead of bothering to read thoroughly. So where does that lead us ? It leads us to exploring new ways to talk to our audiences and giving them just what they need to be occupied with. 

Being an engaging blog author isn’t as easy as one might think, especially since it’s hard to come up with interesting content all the time. But though content is important, it’s not everything. It’s how you bring it to people that changes the way they view you, your blog and what you’re trying to say.

So let’s start with the list of things that might realistically make your users more engaged :

  1. Utilize great titles. Without a good title, you basically have something similar to a great movie with a crappy poster. No one will go to the movies to see it, even though it’s good.
  2. Be specific in your writing , make sure you provide lots of details.  Invoke the stalker in each of your visitors, make them hope for more information.
  3. Respond to comments. People like it when they see they’re being paid attention to. Comment on interesting thoughts left by your users, give them the affection they need to start coming back to your site
  4. Give your social network contacts away. This way , people would want to befriend you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter, to receive more of your insights
  5. Avoid being “too technical”, even if you run a niche blog. Remember , your visitors are there to learn, and not to be reminded how little they know.
  6. Quote others, preferably authority figures in your field. That way you’ll sound like someone who’s really bothered to check out the great minds in your field.
  7. Ask rhetoric questions. Ever wondered why teachers in schools  do it ? Even I used it in the last sentence. It’s just a technique to provoke thought in your users.
  8. When exploring a small part of a bigger issue, don’t forget to follow up with the rest. This way  your visitors will feel like they’re really learning something
  9. Reward your users in any way you see fit or possible. Hold a contest for the best commenter, or install a “Top Contributors” plugin. Mention helpful comments in future posts, or start posts by suggestion of your users.
  10. Come up with great ways to end your posts.  Direct your users towards forming their own opinion , or pondering about different matters.

In the end, being an engaging blogger is a hard task, but a possible one. Are you up to the task ?



  1. Hi Smith (hope that isn’t your surname, and please excuse me if it is),

    Most of the points you have put forth here make sense to me (read that as ‘except the second one’).

    I cannot imagine what parts of English composition you would have your readers forget. I learned from long experience (over 18 years) that no part of your basics is unimportant.

    If you had used a different way of putting it, saying, for example, that what you learned in your English composition class had to be polished further, I could have taken it hook, line, and sinker.

    I mention this particularly because such a lot of even good content online reads like complete trash on account of the few linguistic goof-ups it contains.

    Great points overall, though. Thanks!

  2. Great points and a good read!

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