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Free Proxy Sites List To Unblock Facebook, Gmail, YouTube

Facebook, Gmail and YouTube are mostly used sites by internet users, To Unblock them you need Free Proxy Server or Proxy Sites list which help you to divert your path to their IP to open any url.

Introduction of Proxy Sites Servers :-

Proxy server is computer or application which works as intermediary to send and receive the request between 2 computers or application. Mainly for security reason and to make your machines work as anonymous we required such site. To speed up access speed for accessing the resources and to increase the performance of any application or computer you can use it. There is three different type of Proxy servers like as Forward, Open and Reverse proxy sites to handle communication between two peers. An open proxy forwarding requests from and to anywhere on the Internet. A forward proxy taking requests from an internal network and forwarding them to the Internet. A reverse proxy taking requests from the Internet and forwarding them to servers in an internal network.

Most of time students of colleges, schools, universities and employees at large offices faced some problem in opening such social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube, Pinterest etc, Since its blocked by ISP provider you can’t open it. At that time you must need such Free Facebook Proxy Sites which can help you to open Facebook or restricted urls to open without any error and problems.

List of Free Proxy Servers and Websites :

Below is the complete list of sites which works as intermediary which unblock and allow you to open any social media, email clients or other blocked site.  Simply enter the url of your choice which is not opening at your working area in any of below site and you will see the result. please wait for few min to load the restricted site since you are sending request to third-party to access one remote data.

  1. http://graduatefast.info
  2. http://headproxy.com
  3. http://hidemyaccess.info
  4. www.listproxysites.com
  5. www.activeproxies.org
  6. hidemyass.com
  7. youcef85.com
  8. www.megaproxylist.com
  9. http://scoresocks.info
  10. http://shieldproxy.com
  11. www.proxysite.me
  12. proxyultra.com
  13. http://schoolfreebrowser.info
  14. http://simpletouse.info
  15.  www.proxy4free.com
  16. proxyhyper.com
  17. http://regainluck.info
  18. http://regncyproxie.info
  19. http://smackproxie.info
  20. http://speedcurse.info
  21. http://tunnel4you.info
  22. http://platinumfutures.tk
  23. http://www.unblockfree.in/
  24. http://facebookproxie.com/
  25. http://bypassbridging.info/
  26. http://Nobodycanstop.us
  27. http://Enoughschool.com
  28. proxysandy.com
  29. www.atproxy.net/
  30. www.proxyboost.net

So just visit any of above link and type your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Pinterest, Orkut, YouTube, Yahoo mail urls and enjoy surfing of these blocked site with Great Proxy Servers. If you really like this article then don’t forget to share it on your Twitter and Facebook wall. Also you can subscribe to our Free email news letter to get daily alerts of such nice tips.


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