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How To Attract Customers To Your Business & Keep them Engage

How To Attract Customers To Your Business:

Every business is doomed without customers. So how to get yours ?

In an ideal scenario, your business will be running in a niche where there’s a lot of demand, but nearly no competition. As we all know,  such niches are hard to find nowadays, as people keep trying to explore opportunities to make money on their own. Assuming we’re going to have competition, how do we drive the customers to us, when they could be more familiar with our competitor? You’ll find some tips here.

Everyone who has ever started a business will tell you that the first steps are hardest, and the first clients are scarce. So how do we remedy that ? There are many ways to act toward getting new customers, yet some things have to be present as early as our initial plan if we want our business to work.

A friendly and charming staff :

If your business is running a storefront, it’s very important that the people who will be in touch with the customers to be friendly and communicative. This may not seem all that important, but those of us who have been served by grumpy employees can verify that this is the first step to losing a client. Instead, by respecting a customer, you’ll leave a lasting impression that will make them return. This applies not only in face-to-face communication, but also via phone or e-mail.  E-mails should be informative, contain all the necessary formalities, like greetings, and an appropriate tone of language. Because people can sense hostility even if they’re not yelled at, and we do not want that to happen.

Knowledge and awareness for the product you’re selling :

You cannot be convincing enough, if you don’t even have a clue about what you’re selling. Strive to provide your customers with as much information as you can, while still not bloating them with it. Make sure that information is available for them, if they should desire to look for it. Have it organized in easily navigated sections of your website , and always have someone to answer their questions, should there be any. The medium is not really that important – it could be anything from email to real-time chat, phone calls, or having a dedicated member of your staff talk to them in person. With today’s technology, it’s easier for people to do research, and you risk being a disappointment , if they cannot find any information about you. Which brings us to our next point.

Advertisement :

This is a point that you’ve probably been aware of even before you started reading this article. Still, there are a lot of things that we can suggest, while you judge if they’re the right for your business or not. Here are some of the suggestions:

  • Use social media, because it’s the easiest way to captivate people’s attention nowadays. Certain surveys show that some people use the Internet extensively to look at their social network profiles. This could come in handy for easier marketing. While doing this, however, don’t blatantly advertise – provide interesting content which will help your brand image as well.
  • Try contextual advertising. This means that your ads will be displayed on other sites whose target audience is similar to your target market. That can be beneficial for a starting business
  • Consider optimizing your website for search engines – what better customer, than one who has been forwarded to you by his own search query ?


Building a customer base is hard, and having customers who return to your business is even harder. But they’re the most solid thing that can happen to your company, so they’re worth all the hard work and investment.


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