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How to Get a Free Pinterest Invite Code

Pinterest is the members only social site which requires the invitation by sending the invite code though already members current account or by using the facebook.

As per the trends and market analysis achieved third position in social networking site within a year time. Which really attract more and more users to their site. One of the good benefits for blogger is that you can boost your traffic by having little social activities on this site. You just need to create account and after that Add Pinterest Plugins to your wordpress or whatever site is to engaged your user.

What is Pinterest Invite Code ?

Its a kind of unique number which you have to enter at the time of joining the network. As you know that currently Its members only site and in order to have account you must be invited by its any members. Invitation process is simply member will just enter your email address at the invite field and in response to that you will get one code which you have to type to become successful users of this social network.

Many of you have queries how much time to wait and how long does it take after filling the form. Since everyday they are getting thousand of new application and they review it carefully for spam and unreliable user data. So now a days its more difficult to get into that one.

Get Free Pinterest Invite Code

You don’t need to worry about same, Here on you can get simple steps to join and become active member of this successful site. Simply post your comments with your email id and name and we will send you the invitation. But please be careful to have correct mail and use the offer code soon once you get it from us. Since sometime it have expiry time, So if you would not able to apply it then we again have to send the invite code to you. Also You can tries to create the account by using your Facebook or Twitter username, Since this time they are approving the application from such users.

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  1. There is also a site that on the surface looks similar to pinterest, but has some online tools once logged in. It also requires an invite code, you can use mine: info

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